Usecase will inadvertently appear when you are not expecting it at all

Our Quarkly project is still in open beta, we are preparing for the release and at a good pace are adding the functionality that is laid down in the Roadmap. At the same time, updates are updates, and more actively to feel your audience, and what is there to feel – to form a community that is not against such virtual tactile manipulations – this is a big and important task. Not everything is smooth with her yet.

– This is our project, it is for this purpose and potentially solves this problem.
– Are there any use cases? Let me see.
– Ok, we’ll come back later.

I suppose this is a familiar story for many who launched their projects. It is even more valuable when the use case appears out of nowhere. Here you are in beta and objectively understand what needs to be done so that people can begin to systematically solve their problems with the help of your product, and they take and now do something not for fun, but even to get to the final of a major hackathon.

This story began with what Sasha wrote to us in chat in telegram and asked some questions about working with Quarkly.

In personal correspondence, Sasha said that they, together with a familiar designer, are participating in a hackathon Digital Breakthrough 2020 and make a project to pass through the sieve of the regional stage to the final. Yes, it was already in November 2020, but it was only now that we had a chance to fully communicate and finally write a post about it. But better late than never, as they say.

Below, with Sasha’s permission, I publish our interview.

Tell us about your first acquaintance with Quarkly. As far as I understand, it happened in September in Rostov at a conference where we had our stand?

We’re in focus and out of focus

Lurked from below

That’s right, I found out about Quarkly on RndTechConf… I was interested in the project, but I didn’t get to see my hands right away, to be honest. Later, when a friend invited me to participate in the hackathon, I figured that the main thing there is to go through the regional stage and get to the final. Speed ​​decides here.

To do this, it was necessary either to quickly figure out what can be done in one person, or to create magic in a team. Together with my friend – she is, by the way, a designer – we have never worked before. He suggested that she take a chance and look towards Quarkly. It seemed like a good time saver – she makes the design, I do everything else, at the same time you can get acquainted with the instrument right away in battle.

Working together is just interesting. How comfortable was it, did they not interfere with each other? And did you manage to save time, what do you think, objectively?

At first, I had a wild misunderstanding of how to implement some simple logic here (like a real aladushek, I read the guide only after the hackathon, but I did it on a whim at the hackathon). Therefore, at first the minimum task was to use Quarkly to show our working concept, if only because of the ease of deployment. In this regard, it was definitely possible to save money, because the scheme “design ––> design implementation ––> filling” has changed to “design ––> I put the code on top, if required ––> change”.

I also note that our concept has changed a million times already during the hackathon, without Quarkly we would hardly have been able to afford this.

As I know, you made it to the final?

Yes, we ended up in the last carriage: only 5 teams passed, and we were fifth. Quarkly was no longer used in the final.

Not because we didn’t like something, but rather because we had one clear concept for the final, and the main emphasis was on the bot in the telegram. We no longer needed a boost in the speed of some kind of web.

Since we are collecting cases, the question is: how do you see the ideal application of Quarkly now? And what needs to be added first of all to make it really occupy a niche in the market?

When working together, we were on different pages all the time, in this mode it was most convenient and understandable for us. To quickly collect some visual and show it – Quarkly is useful. But working on one page at a time is difficult. There is no understanding that at the moment there is someone else on the page. It is not clear what area he is looking into.

Note: plans to add highlighting to collaborative actions on the same page.

In the work of a conventional design studio for several people, Quarkly can become the main tool, do you think? What can be the difficulties?

Difficulties for a designer doing something like margin-left: 2000px. On the part of the developer, perhaps, the incomprehensibility with the side and with the creation of some kind of common utilities.

And so, yes, I think that the studio can easily use it as the main tool.

But surely there was something other than the inability to see joint actions that caused difficulties? Let’s skip about the unread dock, I’m more about what seems to be understandable, but for convenience I would like it differently?
It’s especially useful to write about it now, beta and all that.

I would like to remove the crutch of transition between pages through buttons, which were in fact links.

Are you planning to use Quarkly for fun or for some projects in the near future?

For fun, yes. Information about updates and fixes periodically flashes in the cart, so we won’t get lost.

Thanks for answers!

Quarkly community on telegram
Sasha in telegram
Project for a regional hackathon

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