Updating the book “Dart Basics”

Now the moment has come when I roll up my sleeves and begin updating the book “Dart Basics” written a couple of years ago:

At the time of its writing, the current version was Dart 2.12, Dart 2.13 was released, and now, even worse, Dart 3.1.

Somewhere from the beginning of 2022, I was itching to start the first update, but the motivation turned out to be at the plinth level. No, this is not related to the onset of SVO. Perhaps he was waiting for the time spent to be “repaid” by donations, having forgotten to take the lip roller out of the bedside table. There is always some kind of expectation and cruel reality. For more than 2 years since the announcement of the book on Habr (https://habr.com/ru/articles/564528/), donations have accumulated 3 thousand rubles and only a couple of times they wrote with words of gratitude. One got the impression that the book was of no use to anyone at all. Sometimes she flashed in the telegram channel Dart & Flutter, but was so busy that I didn’t bother to look at what was what. Yes, and the idea of ​​asking the community directly did not cross my mind >_< But there was no actual resentment towards anyone, because when putting the book into the public domain, I considered various options for the development of events (especially the lip-rolling xDD).

On September 15, 2023, he spoke at the conference on cross-platform development and IT trends – CrossConf (https://crossconf.com/topic.php?id=4) with the report “100 isolates is not the limit, or Dart in multi-agent systems”:

One of the questions after the report was: “Are there any plans to update the book on Dart?” At the time of the question, there were plans, but there was not much motivation, because… A laboratory for cross-platform development within the walls of St. Petersburg SUAI under my leadership was just beginning to loom on the horizon, and there were no guarantees that we would open it at all. The very appearance as a speaker at the conference added weight to my person in this matter, and after communicating with the leadership of the faculty and department, adding a couple more arguments “For” to the opening of a laboratory on cross-platform development (thanks to the Flutter port for the Aurora OS), communicating with people at the very conferences that thanked for the book and said that it was one of the basic steps on their path to IT, or how they force all the juniors who swim in Dart to study it… confidence came…

There will be a book on Dart 3!!! If you found the previous book useful, feel free to write about it. The very fact that it brings benefits is worth a lot. But the author cannot find out about this when the reader is silent.

“Dart Basics” is in for a significant overhaul: something will be rephrased, added, replaced, expanded, etc. The vision of the final result has been formed, but how and how quickly you can get close to it depends on a number of factors:

  1. Workload (and I have two of them: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and St. Petersburg State University of Aviation Administration);

  2. Free time (wife and little daughter come first);

  3. To what extent can you sacrifice publications in scientific journals, running various clubs at universities, outside job offers, how far are you willing to pursue a doctorate, etc., so as not to lose too much in terms of income.

And if nothing much can be done with the first two points, then support on the third will allow you to give up something and spend more time on the book, for which I will be very grateful! There are various ways to do this:

  1. Tinkoff

  2. YuMoney

  3. Moral support (will not increase speed, but will be enough for a while)

Several burnouts, after which I moved into teaching, taught me that I shouldn’t hope and wait for someone to take the first step. At one time I was very “sulking” at my friends because they didn’t invite me to visit, until I realized that they have their own worries, they don’t owe me anything, and if you want to meet, it’s easier to call and make an agreement yourself than to wait for “mana from heaven” and engage in self-torture in the spirit of “no one needs me.” It’s the same now, it’s easier to take the first step yourself and ask for help than to hope for something.

Updated sections will be published in my vk group: https://vk.com/madteacher, and when the chapters are ready, a PDF and EPUB file will be generated for downloading. Thus, the book, like its previous version, will be made publicly available.

Currently the first chapter has been revised: PDF EPUB (last update 09.29.2023)

© Chernyshev Stanislav Andreevich, MADTeacher

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