Up to 40 Thousands: Over 10 Vinyl Player Reviews

Under the cut are video reviews, articles, customer guides and device tops on the topic, prepared by Audiomania specialists and other experts in the acoustic arena.

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Mono Reviews

  • Vinyl record player Denon DP 29 F – our short video review of the features of a budget turntable Denon DP-29F [[12,990]. Among them: an automatic playback start system and a built-in phono stage for connecting to integrated amplifiers.

  • A good buy»: AudioVideo Salon magazine review – turntable test Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT [[20 690]from the budget segment of the manufacturing company. Journalists talk about successful and unsuccessful technical solutions, as well as the compromises that the device developers had to make.

  • The new generation of T1 players»: Review Stereo & Video – material devoted to the model Pro-ject t1 [[22,000]. For the first time her showed at last year’s High End Show Pro-Ject in Munich. The authors evaluate the quality of the components of the turntable – tonearm, engine, housing.

  • When vinyl is an unknown territory»: Soundex review – about the player Audio-Technica AT-LP3 [[26,090]. Here, the equipment, functionality and, most importantly, sound are disassembled. The verdict is a spinner for beginner music lovers, which makes it clear what vinyl is and how it differs from the “numbers”.

  • You need to start somewhere»: Review stereo.ru – a detailed analysis of the design of a vinyl player Lenco L-87 [[30 481], up to metals from which caps of bearings are made. With colorful photos.

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  • Minimum required»: Review stereo.ru – review turntable Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon [[40,000]. The hallmark of the system is the almost complete absence of a table in the form of a traditional rectangle. Instead, the manufacturer installed only small supporting structures. The authors of the review evaluate the design of the device, as well as its sound – on such albums as “The private collectionCharlie Hayden andHeavy weather»By Weather Report.

Collections and Tops

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