Unity game developer. New course from OTUS

Attention! This article is not engineering and is intended for readers who are interested in education in the field of game development on Unity. Most likely, if you are not interested in learning, this material will not be of interest to you.

Do you remember how in childhood our mother scolded us for playing computer games until morning? And many of us did not just play, but dreamed of developing the coolest game in the world and making money with it. Now children’s dreams have come true – Otus launched Unity game development training course.

The course teaches all stages of game development from the idea itself to its immediate implementation. Here you will learn the game-design and localization, monetization of online free-to-play games, as well as learn how to attract and retain players.

As part of the course, you can create as many as 3 games. Let’s consider each separately:

1. Step-by-step 3D battler like RAID Shadow Legends (mobile game).

  • creating simple animations
  • Unity UI
  • particle system
  • sound reproduction, etc.

2. 2D platformer runner. (mobile game)

  • Silentmap
  • 2D physics
  • On- Screen Joystick and Joystick
  • Camera control with Cinemachine et al.

3. 3D-arena-braver with a network game and the mechanics of “Battle Royale” (for PC).

  • creating a multiplayer game
  • master 3D physics and terrain
  • Navigation mesh
  • Photon Unity Networking et al.

To have an idea of ​​what game development on Unity, you can watch the open webinar “Zombie Shooter in an Hour”, which was held by the course teacher Nikolai Zapolnov:

This webinar discusses real practical cases, as well as teacher answers questions from students and demonstrates the format of training in Otus.

Nikolai Zapolnov – A teacher with great experience and deep knowledge in the field of game development. He contributed to Cut the Rope 2, The Last Camp, Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG, Smash League, and is a Senior Game Developer at Rovio (creators of Angry Birds).

January 27 at 20:00 Nicholas will hold an Open Day on “Unity Game Developer »during which he will tell in more detail about the course program, the features of the online training format, as well as the skills and competencies that course participants will be able to develop during the training.

What knowledge is needed to study at the Unity Games Developer course?

Enough of this:

  • Basics of programming
  • OOP Principles
  • Basic knowledge of computer algebra and linear algebra

It will also be great if you have the following knowledge:

  • Experience in C #
  • Experience at Unity

To understand if your skills are enough for training, you can pass the entrance test.

For those who are interested in this course, we remind you that more detailed information can be obtained at open doorto be held on January 27th. See you!

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