Transport on May 13: uiiii, we took the second place in terms of the number of patients, it’s time to remove the restrictions

Of course, we will not catch up with America, but in second place already out. And, you know what? Over the past two months, this is the best issue about transport. According to statistics – we burn and everything burnsbut the message is being restored!

Airlines will give 23 billion rubles from the capsule. This is substantially less than is necessary for their full preservation, but 23 billion more than it could have been without state support. Enough to pay for fuel, airfield services and a little for salaries. Maybe.

On May people began to travel. This seems to be the best time to fly to traditional resorts to the sea. Hello to Simferopol, Sochi and Krasnodar. But by train, of course, it was best to go to the free city of St. Petersburg, where you can walk the streets, and Etsilopp has no right to beat you at night.

there is specifics from Rospotrebnadzor to remove restrictions. The scenario is European: first walks and small shops, at the second stage – education and big shops, at the third – everything else, including hotels and tourism facilities. We look at the dynamics chart of patients: if it is even and beautiful, and there are enough free places in hospitals, the next stage can be included. The goal is not to overwhelm hospitals. Well, if you are over 65 years old with chronic diseases – it’s still self-isolation. It is also interesting that at all stages it is necessary to wear masks and maintain social distance. Citizens are advised to use personal transport: perhaps soon we will see a lot of independent travel by car.

Aviation Traffic in Europe last week increased by 11% compared with the previous one. Ours fell a little over the week: about 3%. Well, here’s another interesting: according to plan will resume international flights in September at best, in January and beyond at worst.

Well, now let’s see what else happened. It was a good week! And it’s especially good that it ended.

In Russia

  • Government called the opening conditions Russian resorts this summer. Dmitry Chernyshenko, who is in charge of tourism issues, suggested that this could happen with a decrease in the incidence rate of COVID-19. Forecast for early June. So do not be sick if you want to go on vacation this summer.
  • Russian Railways will sell masks and gloves at stations, including railway stations and bus stops of the MCC (they must be worn according to the new rules for many regions). It seems that the story of their wearing is now a long time, until the third stage of the gradual lifting of restrictions ends and all interested parties get their superprofits.
  • In our country clothing sales collapsed 90%. This is the LFL last year through April. Because you don’t have to dress at home on the couch!
  • WHO sees hope in recent data on COVID-19 in Russia on the plateau. Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia, Melita Vujnovich, in an interview with Bloomberg, said that the growth rate of the number of patients with the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country has moved to stabilization: “There are still cases, but the growth rate is stabilizing.” We have a terrific new term, “hope for a plateau,” which numerically means … Wait a minute, absolutely nothing!
  • In Moscow will begin test for coronavirus blood test from a vein. “The organization of blood sampling will be carried out at the expense of the employer, and subsequent testing at the expense of the city.”
  • Approved voucher amendments instead of refunding tourists. Russian tour operators and transport companies will be able to issue vouchers to tourists and passengers instead of refunding if the trip was canceled due to coronavirus. Prior to this, the accepted standard was “money in a month or a voucher now and + 20% to the account in points”.
  • From May 12, wearing masks and gloves will become mandatory in Moscow public transport. Fine by transport – 5 thousand rubles, and in a public place – 4 thousand rubles. Just remember, touching your face with a glove is like licking a handrail in the subway. While there are no standards about what kind of gloves are suitable, but on the site Moscow Department of Health it is explained that gloves are best to choose disposable from nitrile or fabric cotton. Leather or latex gloves are not suitable for use as protection against microorganisms, since the material from which they are made will not withstand disinfectant treatment.

In the world

  • IATA statesthat measures on social distance will change the economy of aviation, which will ultimately lead to a sharp increase in prices for air transportation by 33-58%. Now there are faceplates for passengers, temperature measurements at the entrance to airports, new protocols for cleaning the aircraft (although much more thoroughly), you can walk on the plane only to the toilet (and there is no charge in the aisle!), They will feed worse – so that everything works out hand out in one pass. Or not at all. Average places in 3 + 3 type seating are not recommended for sale.
  • Leronlimab (a drug to stop HIV) has been shown to be effective in treating COVID-19. American pharmaceutical company CytoDyn announcedthat she managed to make some progress. This is a completed study, not a preprint.
  • Airbnb announced the reduction of staff by 25%. About 1,900 out of 7,500 employees will be laid off. In addition to the reduction, CEO Brian Chesky announced a reduction in investments in the Hotels and Lux ​​categories.
  • Wuhan authorities decided to hold mass testing in the city after it revealed new cases of coronavirus infection. They have a new outbreak and 6 new cases.
  • This is what new tourism might look like: phoenix zoo developed a unique way to safely visit during the zoo cruise pandemic. People will be able to drive their cars along the trails of the zoo, watching the animals. Thus, the zoo will collect the necessary funds for their maintenance.
  • Belavia canceled flights to Geneva and Nice until October. In March, the carrier canceled about 70 flights to Europe and Asia due to the situation with coronavirus.
  • Beginning May 11th Air france begins to check the temperature of passengers in a non-contact manner. Wearing masks will also become a must. Passengers whose temperature will be above 38 ºC will be denied boarding and their reservation will be rescheduled at no extra charge.


  • IT in Spain is growing at an unprecedented rate. A mobile application has appeared through which you can book a beach. Measures will be introduced in the summer to comply social distance on the beach.
  • Here are the residents different countries already quarantine: for example, in Austria, garden markets and shops with goods for home and repair work, shopping centers and hairdressers are gradually opening, and in Italy, where quarantine was the most stringent in Europe, you can already go in for sports (but only near the house and one by one), and the restaurants began to run away. Everything is getting better, stronger, higher and faster.
  • At the National Tourism Organization (NTOCG) Montenegro reported that with the current easing of the pandemic, borders for foreign tourists could be opened as early as June.
  • Prime Minister of Georgia declared the country’s readiness to resume tourism. At the first stage, from June 15, domestic tourism with associated infrastructure will begin to come to life, and from July 1, Tbilisi will open land and air borders.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia commented the possibility of resuming trips to Russia. According to Urmas Reinsalu, it is now difficult to predict and make promises about when the border crossing between Estonia and Russia will again be held in the same mode.
  • President of the Italian National Tourism Board (ENIT) Giorgio Palmucci claims that Italy will not be closed to tourists this year. The President of the Italian National Tourism Board explained that he never said that Italian borders should remain closed to tourists. According to the report, the intersections of Ponte Kremenaga, Brusino and Ligornetto will be open from Monday to Friday at specific times.

What does it look like on our part?

Our bus carriers began to upload data on who and how to disinfect the salon. We show them in the schedule:

Schedule Example here.

Regions: quarantine changes

We collect accurate data for each region on quarantine measures, because now they all have their own. Here are the changes for this week:

  • Ingushetia, Tyumen region, Republic of Crimea: self-isolation mode extended until May 31, a mask mode for public places was introduced.
  • Volgograd, Kostroma region, Buryatia: extension of the regime of self-isolation until May 31.
  • Kurgan, Murmansk, Ivanovo region, Dagestan (namely in Derbent, Sergokalinsky and Akhtynsky districts): a recommendation was added to wear a mask in public places.
  • Omsk region: self-isolation until May 24.
  • Belgorod region: according to the new resolution, only Belgorod citizens 65 years and older will remain on self-isolation.
  • Vladimir region: quarantine in Kolchugin, Mezinovsky, Zolotkov and Petushinsky district.
  • Kaliningrad region: a ban on being without a mask in public places, compulsory quarantine of 14 days at the observatory for arrivals from other regions until May 31.
  • Kalmykia: self-isolation mode extended until May 24.
  • Stavropol Territory: self-isolation until May 18. Restriction on entry and exit in seven territories of Stavropol.
  • Leningrad Region: extension of self-isolation until May 31, the introduction of a mask regime in seven districts.
  • Komi Republic: self-isolation until May 14, mask regime.
  • Karelia: self-isolation until May 25, a mask is required for being in public places.
  • Kemerovskaya-Kuzbass: self-isolation extended until May 17.
  • Bashkortostan: compulsory self-isolation was added for arrivals from Moscow.
  • Kabardino-Balkaria: self-isolation extended until May 15.
  • Kirov Region: the use of masks and gloves in public places is recommended, and a 14-day self-isolation for arrivals from other regions is also recommended.
  • Altai Krai: a ban on being without masks in public places, quarantine for all arriving from other regions.
  • Trans-Baikal Territory: extension of the regime of self-isolation until May 25, the mandatory presence of a mask in public places.

In the top, mainly southern destinations. The leader is Simferopol. Interestingly, the flight Moscow – St. Petersburg did not get into the top ten. Muscovites probably prefer to travel by train to the city on the Neva.

Aviation: cities where May spent the most passengers:

Arrival City

Passenger share (of all flights in Russia)

One way average check













Mineral water















And here is the railway:

Arrival City

Passenger share (of all trips in Russia)

One way average check

St. Petersburg






Nizhny Novgorod
























Here is the news site of Petrozavodsk reposted our habrapost about a new reserved seat. Interestingly, on Habré 77 thousand views, and they have another 24 thousand. What is surprising in this fact is that our post was on February 4, and they posted it on May 7. Inexplicably. If you have an old post, check it in the search after a year. Just in case.

Interesting from the world of railway passenger transport: long-distance tickets with social distance in view until the end of May. On May 28, on Sapsan and Swallow, you still have to take a seat through one, but on May 29, no longer.

Well, the traditional flight schedule:

2776 flights last and 2595 this week.

And the situation at the time of publication:

I remind you onRadar of Hope“Now you can see not only the number of flights to each airport, who flies there and how, but also the quarantine measures of the city. Check your route, we analyze a huge bunch of documents from each region to collect the full picture. And you can leave like that and end up in the observatory for 14 days.

These assemblies taking place on transport come out every week on Wednesdays. Here is the last issue about different quarantines in different regions.

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