Tracker beacons for mobile applications or how to create a new communication channel with a permanent audience of the application

Have you thought about how to increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) in your project?

Today we will use case studies to tell you how the formation of an effective communication channel with the audience can accomplish this task.

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According to research by We Are Social for 2020, a person spends more than 7 hours on the Internet every day. Other studies state that 80% of users go online from mobile devices, and the number of sessions with a smartphone reaches up to 150 per day. It is logical that with such indicators, the attention of the audience is diverted from offline advertising carriers.

At the same time, a study of media consumption in Russia for 2020 from Deloitte company revealed a significant decrease in loyalty to online advertising – banners and videos in media content do not arouse interest, since, according to users’ feelings, they violate their personal space. It is important that more than 50% of respondents already use ad blocking tools on mobile devices or plan to connect them.

How to deal with the growing mobile traffic while the level of loyalty to online advertising is falling? An objective answer to this question can be the formation of a communication channel approved in advance by the user. A channel that will combine online and offline marketing through Beacon-Connect technology will be able to implement the solution with double efficiency.

We are of the opinion that information useful to the user should arrive at the right time and in the right place.

Moving on to the cases

Case 1: gas station network

The main product of the company is gas station stations, and the list of its additional products includes a network of car washes, catering establishments, pharmacies and shops located on the territory of the stations.

Target: to increase sales of additional services in the segment of regular customers.

Solution: integration of Beacon-Connect and brand loyalty system implemented in the mobile application.

Details: The loyalty program is based on the accumulation of bonuses for the purchase of gasoline and spending them on the purchase of goods and services from the range of additional services based on individual offers.

Implementation: The Beacon-Connect tracker-beacons activate the petrol station application on the customer’s smartphone when entering the petrol station and initiate sending a push-notification with an individual offer for the customer, relevant at the moment in the given location of the brand’s network.
Thus, the gas station increases the sale of non-fuel goods and increases the effectiveness of marketing programs.

Case 2: regional retailer

Target: form a pool of loyal audience and increase CLV.

Solution: set up special offers and navigation through them in the retail space due to the interaction of Beacon-Connect with the mobile application.

Implementation: In the sales area, the retailer determines the coverage areas of the Beacon-Connect beacons. Each of the zones is assigned its own promotional group of goods. Moving between them, the user receives push notifications to the retailer’s mobile app about nearby promotional items.
To be able to receive such notifications, the user only needs to agree to register in the mobile application once.

Details: The project provides for the targeted use of Internet traffic, realized by limiting the speed of connection to Wi-Fi for customers who have not yet installed the application. And for those who have the application installed, the Internet is provided at maximum speed and without traffic restrictions.

Case 3: discount aggregator application and cashback service

Target: increase app usage in shopping malls

Solution: set up in shopping centers informing application users about discounts at partners’ points of sale.

Implementation: The application owner installs Beacon-Connect tracker beacons at partners’ points of sale located in the shopping center. When visiting the current locations of the shopping center, the registered user’s mobile application receives notifications with personal discounts configured on the basis of the “user portrait”. This increases the conversion of offers from app partners.

Details: One beacon can be assigned either one trade brand located in a large shopping center, or several. Variability is also possible when placing beacons – they can be built into the cash register or placed in the entrance group. The frequency of sending notifications to users is configured by the owner of the mobile application.

How Beacon-Connect integrates into a mobile app

To implement the solution, the Beacon-Connect SDK is embedded in the mobile application, which helps the application to interact with the tracker beacons. The SDK is compatible with any mobile applications for iOS and Android, as it supports a variety of connection configurations targeting the entire range of OS versions and varieties of hardware.

After installing the SDK, the application displays the function of connecting to the brand’s Wi-Fi network. When the user presses the Wi-Fi connection button in the application, the device can automatically connect to the network both in the area of ​​the store’s local network, and remotely.

Remote connection to the network settings occurs by remotely installing its profile on the device. When implementing the SDK, the application developer himself chooses at what time to request settings from Beacon-Connect for remote connection and stores this data in the application cache. After the user has pressed the Wi-Fi connection button in the application, the data is downloaded from the cache and stored on the device. It is important that the data of the local network will remain on the device, even if at the moment of connecting to Wi-Fi through the application, its device does not have access to the Internet – if it enters the area of ​​the local network, the device will still connect to it automatically.

The creation of a remote connection method was motivated by the behavior of the audience – it is much more common for a typical mobile Internet user to install and get acquainted with the application remotely.


The listed cases demonstrate that Beacon-Connect is a specific tool that can integrate into a project from any area and solve its unique problems. This means that each case is unique for us – together with client brands, we develop their innovative communication experience with the audience, increase sales and CLV.

We will be happy to share with you our discoveries and results. Subscribe to this thread if you are interested in following our news.

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