Totum – open source, self hosted database for non-programmers

or you can poke yourself

  • Free-form documents linked to tables (such as dropbox paper) so far refused

  • Export to .xslx and .pdf will be in PRO

  • License Server refused

  • Gantt charts will be in PRO

  • GraphQL refused

  • Improvements to the Educational Project, Documentation and Video Course did a lot of things

  • Preparing En version ready + preparation for other languages ​​(Chinese is available)

  • Admin control panel for several schemes: creation, duplication, backup, updates – done, console utility

  • Additional development tools a lot of things have been added, a bunch more will be in PRO

  • In general, we are moving forward by the method of consistent improvement.

    Code coverage with tests and contributions

    People really wanted tests – yes, but no. Sorry, no tests. We understand that this closes the possibility of contributing to the core of the solution, but this is a conscious position.

    How will we check the PR in this case if it suddenly comes? – we will check with our hands and those tests that we have inside the team and which are a closed part of this project. But I don’t think that the immediate future of this particular project is for the contribution of the kernel code. If you need to add some module on the side – that is small instructions.

    How can you participate:

    – tell about your project when done, here

    – write to us if you suddenly got warningsince there are a million combinations of use, we did not check all 100% simply because users invent ones that we did not know about;

    – if you have any idea for a new functionality – write here. Not everything will be added to MIT and, perhaps, not all proposals are implemented, but in fact we are improving a lot of things precisely on such notes;

    – if you want to volunteer to help us with translation into any language, primarily into Spanish or Portuguese – write to me on Telegram @alexeypolunin

    – if you want to be added to the page Partners (developers on Totum) – also write to me on Telegram @alexeypolunin

    – if you made a project for yourself and you liked it – put a star main repowe will give all starholders free access to PRO (Someone will need to test it)


    Most of all during this time we spent on training materials – this is really true.

    Now there is a base part training course, forum on GitHub and you can write to me Telegram

    According to the course – watch the introductory video, I tell you what’s what.

    We will catch up on the advanced part during May-August, just in time for when you need it if you start doing something in May.

    If you are reading this article at the age of 23 or later, then I wang that everything is already there.

    How long does it take to reach a level sufficient for a simple project?

    Month – if an hour in the evenings.

    Week and a half – if on weekdays 4 hours a day.

    Users with successful projects spent on average about a month and a half in parallel with other tasks prior to their operation in your enterprise.


    Thank you for your interest and for reading. If you have a desire to “poke” Totum yourself, then this can be done on demo server. There are some restrictions on files and calling third-party scripts, and it will live for 3 months, but otherwise Totum is the same as on GitHub.

    If you have any wishes – write in the comments or directly, we try to take into account everything that we can implement.

    If you have a cool expertise in the development of open source projects (preferably outside the borders of the Russian Federation) and you want to share it, show up.

    If you like the idea, but you don’t want to develop it yourself – look here.

    All great projects!


    PS: For early adopters, the future PRO is free. Put a star the main repository if you want to get it!

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