Top 9 countries for IT relocation in 2022

In order for the relocation of an IT specialist to be smooth and painless, you first need to collect as much information as possible: where, why in this country and who to turn to for help in case of emergency. We answer in order.

  1. Country selection: expert opinion
  2. Documents for a visa for the relocation of an IT specialist
  3. Telegram chats about emigration
  4. Statistics of the outflow of IT specialists from Russia
  5. conclusions

Country selection: expert opinion

We interviewed experts who know firsthand the nuances of moving, and here are which countries they called the most optimal for moving an IT specialist.

Documents for a visa for the relocation of an IT specialist

Let’s say you have decided on a country. What’s next? That’s right: you need to collect a package of documents for obtaining a visa.

The issue of collecting documents is acute, since the requirements of different countries also differ. But there is a certain “classic” list that is almost guaranteed to be saved wherever you plan to go:

  1. Questionnaire with two photographs.
  2. Internal passport with a current residence permit (photocopies, original).
  3. Passport (photocopy, original).
  4. Medical insurance.
  5. Job invitation.
  6. Certificate of no criminal record.
  7. Bank reference.

Additionally, they may ask for a letter of recommendation, a diploma of higher education, a questionnaire in the language of the recipient country, and much more. We recommend that you check the list of required documents on official resources, and if necessary, clarify everything over the phone.

Telegram chats about emigration

But what to do if an IT specialist encountered difficulties during relocation, and there is no one to clarify the necessary information?

Exists graphics cardcreated on the basis Google My Maps, which presents author’s blogs about the life of emigrants. Among the filters, you can configure the display of chats about emigration. Not only will you be able to chat with compatriots who have traveled to other countries, you will also see which locations the chats are assigned to.

It sounds complicated, but in practice everything is clear:

Chat map to help with the relocation of an IT specialist

Map with author’s blogs about the life of emigrants from the creative team of the channel

Also, before relocation, an IT specialist would do well to get acquainted with the channels where real relocation cases are presented. They can also be found on the presented map by setting the appropriate filters.

Statistics of the outflow of IT specialists from Russia

Alexey Beginfounder of the website Inclient

Link to study


Today, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are considered the best countries for an IT specialist to relocate. They are distinguished by higher salaries, and a number of these countries are close to us in their culture.

We also recommend reading about how to organize the relocation of an IT specialist, and save a map with chats about emigration.

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