TOP 10 exporters for Prometheus 2023

The article Fundamentals of Monitoring (a review of Prometheus and Grafana) ended at the most interesting place. The author suggested looking for and using relevant exporters, and the reader is like – okay, where is the reference? Well, let’s take a look at the top 10 most useful exporters at the beginning of 2023 – maybe they were the ones you were missing to build your ideal monitoring system!

Installation of exporters

Up-to-date installation instructions are usually in the repository ReadMe or in the image description.

10. haproxy (592 stars)

Official exporter. Generates metrics based on haproxy stats. Starting with HAProxy 2.0.0, the exporter is included in the source code. More: Official Prometheus exporter

9.mongodb (890 stars)

Exporter from Percona. Connects to the MongoDB server and generates metrics based on the serverStatus, $collStats, etc. commands.

Images by bitnami

If for various reasons you are not satisfied with the assembly of images from bitnamithen you can build your own based on the source code

8.nginx (1080 stars)

Exporter from the developer nginx. Generates metrics based on stub_status module ngx_http_stub_status_module.

7. snmp (1137 stars)

Official exporter. Generates metrics using the SNMP protocol. To easily start monitoring switches and routers, it is recommended to use the module if_mib.

6.kafka (1612 stars)

Exporter from danielqsj. Forms a set of Kafka metrics sufficient for analysis. Additionally, you can put seglo/kafka-lag-exporter (547 stars), as well as jmx-exporter, which will be discussed below.

5. elasticsearch (1613 stars)

Exporter from Prometheus communities. Forms a set of Elasticsearch metrics sufficient for analysis.

4. redis (2495 stars)

Exporter from oliver006. Forms a set of Redis metrics sufficient for analysis.

3. jmx (2500 stars)

Official exporter. Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology that provides tools for monitoring applications, among other things. The JMX exporter generates metrics for Java applications. Can be run as a Java Agent (recommended method) or a standalone server that remotely polls JMX targets.

2. blackbox (3359 stars)

Official exporter. Generates metrics on the accessibility of entry points via HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, ICMP, etc. Simple, but at the same time one of the most effective exporters that will come in handy in any installation.

1 node (8337 stars)

Official exporter. Generates metrics by hardware and OS. For Windows machines, it is recommended to use prometheus/windows_exporter (2014 stars). Alpha and omega of your monitoring system, it makes sense to set almost always. Deploying as a container is not recommended, but it is possible.

0. cadvisor (14453 stars) – extra place!

cAdvisor (Container Advisor) provides data on resource usage and performance of running containers. Generates metrics in a format readable by Prometheus. Along with node_exporter is one of the most needed exporters.

There are probably many more useful exporters and just repositories (popular and not so popular), one way or another connected with the Prometheus ecosystem. As an example, I can give an excellent repo with notification rules for various exporters – samber/awesome-prometheus-alerts (4540 stars). Please feel free to share them in the comments!

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