To Stream, Record Music or Podcasts: Building a Studio at Home – Available Headphones Reviews

We’ve handpicked reviews of affordable and versatile monitor headphones for you. They are useful for those who would like to combine listening to music with work and creative tasks: calls, game streams, processing audio files and music compositions.

We sorted the models in this collection by cost at the time of publication of the material.

Photo: Omid Armin.  Source:
Photo: Omid Armin. Source:

[4 225] Embracing PreSonus HD-7 suitable for long audio sessions. Semi-enclosed acoustic design and large 50mm drivers deliver detailed sound with noticeable bass. Lightweight construction will not cause discomfort, and the 2.5 m cable will give you the freedom to maneuver in the workplace and when listening to music while relaxing. Among the features – convenient adjustment, flexible plastic and a sturdy case you don’t have to worry about.

[4 590] Closed AKG K92 according to experts are the most notable among the brothers – K52 and K72… They bypass them in performance and appearance. AKG K92 headphones do not need a powerful amplifier. The 40mm driver is smaller here than the HD-7 discussed above. The design is generally similar, however this model is completely enclosed. Cable – 3 m, and in the case – less plastic compared to PreSonus.

By the way, we recommend paying attention to the line of “monitors” AKG of a higher class – models K701 and K702… Although in their case, the cost will differ significantly.

[5 159] ATH-M20X represent the entry-level professional monitor headphones from the Audio-Technica brand. The closed design and powerful 40mm drivers allow you to get both well-developed bass and all other components of the sound picture in good quality and without distortion. This model differs from those presented above in the soft headband and lightness of the construction inherent in all M’s intended for mixing and sound recording. By the way, we will look at one of the representatives of the series at the end of the selection.

[7 890] Roland RH-A7 are the products of another Japanese brand – externally and in terms of their technical characteristics, they resemble the M-series Audio-Technica and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (we will talk about this model below). The manufacturer positions them as neutral and most suitable for working with the brand’s musical instruments. However, this model can be safely used for streaming, processing podcast recordings and listening to music.

There are also models with closed acoustic design for a similar price: RH-200 and 200S

[9 890] Sennheiser HD 280 Pro offer an evolution of the headband over the M20X and RH-7 in the form of replaceable cushions, plus soft eco-leather ear cushions. This combination gives good sound insulation and allows the model to compete even with headphones with built-in noise suppression. The HD 280 Pro releases a minimum of sound outside the structure, which can be critical for vocal recording in home and professional studios.

We recommend looking at HD 200 PRO with a classic body and a more affordable price.

[10 148] Shure SRH840 have drivers with a diameter of 40 mm that are usual for this level of professional headphones and, in terms of their characteristics, do not lag behind representatives of other brands, which we briefly discussed above. The only significant difference is weight. it is slightly larger than the HD 200 PRO and the M20X. On the other hand, the line has a light and very affordable model “For DJs”, plus – a couple of younger brothers: SRH440 and SRH240A

[12 790] Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are among the most widespread and popular “station wagons”. About them experts write, journalists 3dnews and edition ixbt – give photos of the model and everything that is included in the package, share their opinion about the sound and usability. In general, there are a lot of rumors around these headphones – the audience often puts forward completely opposite assessments, so we recommend that you study all the reviews yourself and – as always – do not hesitate to listen to the selected models in person.

By the way, do not forget about other representatives of this line: M30x, M40x and M60x… All of them are available for study and non-binding listening in our “Audiomania”.

Separate genre – headphones with built-in microphone… They can no longer be called budgetary ones, but it is still worth considering in the context of use for streams, podcasts and work calls. Let’s talk about this category next time with our USB microphone reviews.

Additional materials on the topic in our “Hi-Fi World”:

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