Tired of being a programmer. Where to go? Experts answer

Many people sooner or later have a desire to change something in their lives. You are wondering if you are in the right place and whether there are any options to improve your condition and increase motivation.

When I was a developer, I had this desire about once a year and a half. For 7 years I managed to change the company / team / tasks or find some new internal projects, thus getting a new charge of motivation, so that I could do my favorite thing with renewed vigor.

At one of these moments, I realized that I no longer wanted to program for full time and started looking for possible areas for changing activities. There were personal reasons, but we will not talk about them. 🙂

At that time, I considered three scenarios. All of them did not imply a change of company, because our company allowed us to change directions and in every way supported those who want to learn and gain experience.

So, the options are:

  • Information Security. Then this direction in the company was just starting to develop, and I saw for myself the opportunities for development in this area.
  • Product owner. For some reason then, many in our company from programmers went into the field of PO.
  • Agile coaching. I was good at facilitating and organizing all sorts of different things, I thought, if I develop these qualities, then I can be a good coach.

Then I chose information security and spent 2 wonderful years in the position of Security Officer. Two factors have become decisive for me:

  1. Proximity to IT, after all.
  2. Some challenge, or something. I wanted to put the information security process in the company from scratch.

At the moment, I am again in limbo and trying to find my place in life. For everyone who is the same “seeker of his own way” like me, I want to share the advice of one wise person: it is not so important to understand the specific specialization that you want to do, it is more important to understand your inner feelings and criteria for a new job. For example, whether it should be working with people or vice versa, it is better not to communicate with anyone in the process. Or maybe an approximate balance is needed – 80% work with people and 20% alone? Someone is very interested in business trips, and he wants to spend 50% of his time in them, someone on the contrary, and so on.

For me, for example, it was the discovery that I prefer design tasks, that is, tasks with a clear beginning and end. They inspire me, but routine takes energy.

Formulate your criteria and look for suitable opportunities. Good luck

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