Time for the dragons. Self-isolation with puzzles

It was the 30th day of self-isolation. During this time, it was possible to learn a new language. Forget the old one. Not to notice that something has changed at all. Or, for example, collect about 116 puzzles (with breaks for food and sleep), which perfectly help to distract and relieve stress. If your stock of puzzles has come to an end, we suggest taking a look at the Madrobots collection. Unusual, sophisticated and beautiful. As the famous comic says, this is fine: in self-isolation, it’s time to put down an interesting contraption. In ordinary life, there may not be time for such entertainment.


Unidragon – colorful puzzles in the form of animal characters, which are composed of thematically selected curly details. It turns out that each puzzle without words tells a long story. This is a find for parents who will be able to occupy a child immediately with both soul and body. The details are small, so the puzzle is suitable for children from 10 years and older. There are no restrictions for the “inner child”.

“Seductive Chanterelle” is inspired by Russian folk tales and consists of other small animals: here is a crane, a fast hare, a deceived fox wolf, and a golden scallop cock. Carvings are connected by curls and landscape elements. The series also features Enchanting Owl, Shining Fish, and Mysterious Lion.

“Guardian Dragon” is composed of fairytale kites, swords, shields, castle, treasures. This puzzle will allow fantasy fans to while away evenings while they are sitting at home. Unfortunately, the dragon is not yet available. Everything is as in life, a very rare creature.

Each puzzle has a little less than 200 pieces, they are cut out of birch plywood and smell deliciously like wood. The assembly takes 2-4 hours. Advanced moms claim to be able to handle the puzzle in an hour. Whether the programmer with Habr will be able to collect faster?


The soulful steampunk designer Ugears will lead you into a great mood. When assembled, Ugears models resemble skeleton watches, whose gears turn into patterned jewelry. The mechanisms are working and set in motion trains, cars, caskets. No batteries: everything moves thanks to the ingenious design and energy of the stretched elastic bands. Set the glue aside, the wooden parts are held without it.

Here are some noteworthy Ugears constructors. A horse-mechanoid – steps on separate legs, it is set in motion by a complex system of a “rubber motor” and a pendulum in the chest. A tugboat does not swim, but it rides on a table or floor, swaying on imaginary waves, and can carry a light load. Hardy-hardy – a working musical instrument, a medieval wheeled lyre. Not the loudest, the neighbors will not want to kill you for disturbances. The strings are real, the lyre needs to be tuned and lubricated with rosin.

Assembling simple models takes a couple of hours, advanced ones will require a few. Hardy-hardy is collected in 5 hours on average, but if you have not done this before, it will take a night because the parts fit tightly together. A candle is included in some sets; its wax greatly facilitates the process.

You can read about Hardy-Hardy here.

Eco wood art

Part of the Eco Wood Art line is reminiscent of Ugears: also models of thin birch plywood, also assemble without glue and extra tools. Recently, the brand launched a new line of interior designers: these are openwork designs with a “polygonal” design, which are mounted on the wall.

Details of interior models Eco Wood Art are painted on the front side in black, and from the “inside” have grooves for fasteners. Squeeze the parts from the tablets, fold them together according to the scheme and fasten, and then hang on the wall. The coolest models: World Map, Eiffel Tower and Unicorn.

Decorate all walls by the end of quarantine: sounds like a plan.

DIY house

DIY House designers are roomboxes, miniature models of rooms with full furnishings. “Doll houses” at maximum speeds, which must be collected from scratch, from prepared materials: paper, fabric, wooden slats, small items like beads and artificial stamens. It will take a lot of glue, paint and instructions, all this also lies in the box. Scissors – their own.

DIY House kits include lighting elements, so houses look great in the evening or at night. Of the models, the Orangery, Cafe, Cozy Loft, and Bookstore are especially good.

It may seem that collecting rumboxes is difficult, but this is not entirely true. For a long time, 24 hours or more, but not difficult, because the instructions describe how to cut and glue tiny models of objects. The very place to settle freshly painted space marinas.


DaVICI – artistic wooden puzzles made up of small individual figures. Figures are added to the plot. Yes, like Unidragon, but not quite the same, they have a different cabin, more characters and Easter eggs, like words hidden in a puzzle. If you turn over a folded puzzle, on the other hand you can read the whole story.

Image themes are more “adult”. The brand is actively collaborating with artists. You will find paintings by painter Vladimir Zhdanov and artist Oksana Zaika, who prefers to draw cats in a naive style, as well as conceptual acrylic works by Olesya Dubovik. Puzzles are different: there is a giant model with 700 parts, and a small one with 65.

Puzzles DaVICI – the best choice for a romantic evening by candlelight and with light wine (we use contactless delivery for ordering, please!).

You can purchase all the brands of puzzles and designers listed in the review in our online store with a discount of 20 with a promotional code THISFINE. The promotion is valid until May 10.

“Do not go out, do not make a mistake.” Stay at home, collect puzzles!

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