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More recently, I’ve introduced myself to the practice of scheduling tasks for the coming week. Recently, because my to-do list looks like a bunch of garbage and it’s hard to navigate. Disassembling this pile was more unpleasant than exciting for me.

But recently, everything has changed. I’ll make a reservation right away that I conduct all tasks in the application. Todoist

First part

So, I need to plan for the week those tasks that do not have a deadline. At the same time, they can be located both in specific projects and in the “Inbox” section.

Tuduist has a functionality called Filters, which is included in a paid subscription. Filters allow you to automatically pull tasks according to certain rules. These rules are described on the website, in the section “Help“.

But to solve my problems, I had to complicate the construction of the rules a little. I named my filter “No time limit” and wrote the following in it:

(!назначено | назначено для: Расул Гитинов) & без срока & !(##Проект1 | #Проект2)

Let’s analyze the construction in parts:

  • sign “&“- logical”и

  • sign “|“- logical”или

  • sign “!“- logical”отрицание

  • sign “#“- ignore a specific project

  • ##“- ignore a specific project and all projects within it

  • brackets are needed to group rules similar in logic

Translation of the construction into human language:

Show me only those tasks for which the executor is not assigned and those for which I am specifically assigned as the executor.

At the same time, these should be tasks that have no deadline.

But exclude from all this the tasks from the Project1 project and its subprojects, and the tasks from the Project2 project.

As a result, we get a list of all tasks that have no due date:

Deeper analysis of the design

For those who are interested in why this design looks like this, I will tell you more about it.

First block: (!назначено | назначено для: Расул Гитинов)

!назначено will show all tasks that have no assigned executor. But this means that those tasks in which I am appointed as the executor will also be ignored. Therefore, we add a rule to it: | назначено для: Расул Гитинов, which means: “or those for whom the performer is specifically assigned to me” and we combine all this with the help of parentheses.

Second block: & без срока

At this stage, the filter has already taken tasks based on the rules of the first block and leaves only those tasks that have no due date.

Third block: & !(##Проект1 | #Проект2)

But those two blocks were not enough for me, because among the collected tasks there may be tasks that I do not want to see or plan. Therefore, I indicate which tasks from which projects should be ignored.

First, we indicate the names of the projects: ##Проект1 | #Проект2… This construction reads as: “All tasks from the” Project2 “project and projects within it, and all tasks from the” Project2 “project”. But to give these rules a negative character, we put them in parentheses and put “!“. Then it will read like: “Ignore everything inside these brackets.”

Second part

But just collecting all the tasks in one list was not enough. After all, it’s still a bunch of garbage, just collected in one place. It is difficult to navigate in it. And in the Tuduist there is a tool that has completely covered this pain.

We do the following:

  1. In the upper right corner, under the header there is a button “Sort”

  2. If you click on it, a list will appear, at the end of which there is an item “Custom sorting”.

  3. In the window that opens after clicking, there is a section “Group by”, in which you need to select the item “Project”

In this case, this entire scattered list of tasks will be grouped by project:

In this form, it is easier for me to navigate among the tasks and it is easier to choose which tasks from which project I would like to draw attention to now.


Thanks to this filter, raking tasks suddenly became a pleasure. The ability to make this filter alone prompted me to buy a subscription to Tuduist, and this is without taking into account other possibilities that help keep things in order and in my head every day.

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