Three Reasons Why You Don’t Earn More


It’s fashionable these days to write motivational texts about why cool guys like you, Username, don’t make enough money. To buy a new Tesla, a vineyard in Burgundy, a football club… You just need to start doing not what makes money, but what you like! And do everything with love!

This, of course, is a lie. But if you think a little, it will immediately become obvious why you do not earn more. Generally speaking, little depends on you personally.

You don’t live there

This is completely obvious. I don’t even want to argue this somehow, but we have a real study here, so we have to.

Let’s take a janitor as an example. Yes, the most ordinary janitor. On his example it will be more obvious.

So, in Moscow there are no janitor vacancies at all with a rate of less than 30,000. If a janitor works in an “elite” house or on the territory of a hotel, then the salary will start at 50,000.

In Kostroma, you won’t be able to work as a janitor for 30,000. At all. One can only dream of 50,000, irrigating a shiny broom handle with a mean tear.

Of course, low-skilled work is always highly dependent on the level of wealth of the region, but if you look at any other profession, the picture is very similar. The maximum difference in income between regions of one country within the same employment is usually about 100%. If you look at different countries, the gap can be thousands of percent, or even tens of thousands.

You don’t work there

Another statement that seems obvious, but let’s argue it. As an argument, let’s take the profession of an educator.

This is a very important and by no means an easy task. It’s not just that these kind and patient women are entitled to increased vacations by law, it’s not just that.

Let’s turn our attention to Samara – a wonderful city on the banks of a picturesque river, one of the main scientific centers of the country in the space and aviation fields.

The most unlucky nanny in Samara earns a minimum wage of 16,242 rubles. It is, of course, terrible that MBDOU Kindergarten No. 153 values ​​its employees so low, but if they transfer to other kindergartens, also state-owned, their salaries will increase by one and a half times. If they decide to give up the preferences that long work in the field of public education can give them, then in a private kindergarten their salary will increase to 52,000.

As we can see, the pay gap for the same profession within the region is more than 200%. Even if we assume that the best are selected to work in a private kindergarten, the gap will be about 70%.

You are not doing that

It is no secret that the profitability of an enterprise is largely determined by its type of activity.

If some oligarch suddenly takes control of the production of enameled basins throughout Russia and unites them into the RosTaz corporation, then the income of this corporation will be huge. But they will never be able to catch up with the profits of, let’s say for clarity, Gazprom. For one simple reason – the market for enameled basins is much smaller than the gas market.

No matter how hard the employee tries, he can only count on a percentage of the company’s profit that he brings with his work. Here, of course, there are many clarifications and circumstances, but, in the general case, somehow the salary limit works.

Relatively speaking, you made basins for 300 tugriks, 100 of them went to support the company, 100 were put in the owner’s pocket, another 100 minus taxes and fees that the owner will impose on the employee will go to the salary. In total, producing for 300 tugriks you will get about 51.

But you can, instead of enameling basins, produce gas for 600 tugriks in the same time, then the greedy capitalist will be able to pay you 102 already.

If you look at it from a software development point of view, the high salaries in this sector become clear. A programmer (designer / modeler / etc) produces a product that, after production, begins to generate income. It could be a payroll automation script, or it could be a phone game. But once a product is produced, it continues to make a profit, and the programmer is already making a new one. For example, the Elder Scrolls games are still sold, albeit a little.

No matter how hard you try, working as a call center operator will still never reach the salary of a welder. No matter how charming your voice is.


There you go, dear friend. There are no secrets to happiness and secret skills of successful people. There are only heartless bitch statistics.

I don’t know what you are doing. But think, please, is there any chance that if you start doing it in the same place, but twice as good, you will earn twice as much?

I am even ready to believe that for excellent work you will be noticed and promoted (no, not really ready). But the discourse remains the same – change the place and get more.

For your company, if you are an entrepreneur, this also applies, albeit with some reservations. No, if you have some effective methods that will allow you to achieve more income by implementing 1C in Saratov than in Moscow, then I can only be happy for you. But something tells you that you don’t have such methods.

The above examples, of course, are not the only patterns in income. And a lot depends on you too. But what the hell should a nanny do to get a normal salary at MBDOU Kindergarten No. 153?

So forget about this race for personal growth, interesting projects and other simulacra. There is a simple recipe for a constant increase in earnings:

1) Master the profession at an intermediate level.
2) Change cities and companies until you get the right amount
3) ???
4) Profit!

Remember, in the real world, unlike in math, the sum increases with changing places.


I know that in every city in the world there are three and a half companies that appreciate employees and increase salaries in a timely manner.

But what’s the matter here … The owl from Hogwarts will not fly. Old sensei will not reveal secret knowledge to you. A cute magical girl will not give you her powers. You will always be an ordinary person, just a dot on a bell curve.

What is the chance that you will get into that very fine company? Is it even possible to get into this company without changing jobs?

So until you discover superpowers in yourself, do not try to overcome statistics. Better use it correctly – as a tool that allows you to make the right decisions.

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