Things to do while the weekend – Watch shows from the 90s or put some leisurely videos in the background

Earlier we figured out what music listened to the Brazilians in the 40s of the last century and told what radio stations are popular in Tibet… Today we continue the topic of finds and discuss video services that allow you to travel without getting up from your chair [привыкать к ним, конечно же, не нужно, а вот поискать что-то занимательное — вполне можно]…

Photo: Armin Lotfi.  Source:
Photo: Armin Lotfi. Source:

My 90’s TV

This site decorated in the style of an old TV with a picture tube. It was developed by Joey Kato, GUI specialist at Netflix. The rare design was not chosen by chance – here you can watch soap operas, talk shows, movie trailers and children’s TV shows that were “played” on American TV in the 90s.

There is matches WWF from 1995, release Oprah Winfrey’s Talk Show with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and thousands of music videos such as “Groove is in the heart“The Deee-Lite collective or”Another day in paradisePhil Collins. Residents of Hacker News, where the news about the service “went viral” My 90’s TV, from enjoy exploring historical news reports and notes how the world and attitudes towards the problems of humanity have changed over time.

Photo: 은 하.  Source:
Photo: 은 하. Source:

My 90’s TV plays videos that it finds on YouTube, so quite often a message appears on the screen stating that the video is no longer available. Unfortunately, this destroys the magic a little and makes it difficult to plunge into the atmosphere of the past. However, if suddenly you want to travel even further in time, then the author of the project also presented players with music videos, programs and commercials 70s and 80’s years of the last century. In many of them, country or pop music plays in the background – the business cards of that period. These tracks have even penetrated into advertisements. fuel system cleaner carburetor cars.

Slow TV Map

Unlike My 90’s TV, this resource proposes to move not in time, but in space. Collected here are relaxing travel videos from different parts of the world – these places are marked on an interactive map. At all, Slow TV, or “Slow Television”, is a separate television genre in which hours of video are shown in real time without cuts. The first such video was shown by the Norwegian TV channel NRK in 2009. It was a seven-hour recording of the train from Bergen to Oslo.

Slow TV Map continues the tradition, so all videos are posted here as-is, without talking, processing and music – only with the sounds of nature and the surrounding world. The site has drive by car along the Norwegian serpentine, three hours of landscapes, zipping past the train window from Jyväskylä to Helsinki, and sailing trip to the Canary Islands. Content can be filtered by the type of vehicle on which it was filmed, and the duration of the recording can be selected: from half an hour to ten hours.

Some of the resources and examples presented above are perfect for the background, if you want to relax and put on something relaxed and play at a low volume. Additional recommendations in this regard – we have shared here

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