They often ask for advice on good German, Spanish, and some other courses …

The post was written for my students, well, maybe someone else will be interested.

You are, of course, looking for something similar to our organization of group work. In short, I can’t recommend. Good private teachers exist, yes. If you’re lucky, you can even find not very expensive. Even in the courses, sometimes you come across a separate sensible teacher who, due to some misunderstanding, has not yet gone into private practice – the courses pay little.

Courses, whatever one may say, are commercial enterprises. Their raison d’être is making money. Business is a very troublesome thing, only a person who wants to earn money can volunteer to do this. And building and maintaining a high-quality educational process in groups is no less troublesome than doing business in itself. A person fully draws out only what he is truly interested in. Usually one thing.

I am interested in building and debugging a group learning process. Acquaintances were always surprised: “How do you not get tired of retelling the same crap for years ??” Well, just about the same as football fans do not get bored with excitement for years watching approximately the same scenario: come on, come on, come on !! GOAL!!! I have always had a sports interest – to draw each student: come on, come on, come on !! UNDERSTOOD!!! He understood! I did it!!!

Well, not exactly the same crap. Firstly, I calculated the correct sequence of actions when loading the English language into the student’s head for many years, throwing out or adding elements.

Secondly, when you conduct 6-8 identical classes a week, you can clearly see at what points people are stalling. The questions asked by the students are very helpful.

When hired teachers appeared, everything became more complicated by two orders of magnitude. For me, it was a giant surprise that it is difficult to find sensible English teachers in Moscow. Effective work with a group requires from a person a rare combination of personal and professional qualities, the presence of which we check with a whole system of tests.

Then the actual work begins. Our entire course is recorded on video from real classes in my performance. Teachers watch the video, make a step-by-step summary. According to this outline, the lesson is conducted. Few of the students know that classes are often recorded on a dictaphone, then I listen to these recordings carefully, write detailed comments – where and what needs to be corrected.

Explanation is not used in CT-School, the teacher must push students to the correct solution through a system of leading questions. Answering students’ questions in most cases is prohibited. It is necessary to instantly build a chain of counter questions so that the student’s question disappears by itself. this style of work gives a deeper and longer-term assimilation.

Do you understand? Really intelligent teachers, found with great difficulty, are working (literally everyone counts!), And even with them you have to constantly interact closely: call up, hold meetings, write comments on their classes, sometimes conflict.

From time to time they offer me decent money for individual lessons, but I always refuse – there is no time physically. And I find time to listen to my teachers’ classes at night. I do it for free. For a professional in my class to listen to someone’s classes and write comments on them, you have to pay a LOT for this. Expensive and troublesome, businessmen will not do it. They have formulas: 20% of your efforts – 80% of the result, etc. We fight for every percentage. This story is not about money. I just now have another sporting interest – to debug the system for the rapid training of new teachers. The flight is normal 🙂 – earlier it took much more time to prepare them.

Who. For the love of God, WHO is going to be doing all this other than fans like me and those who passed our tests and interviews?? In order for the group learning process to be truly high-quality, the teacher must be more interested in the result than the students themselves. We have it. Well, the premium (very high, ideally) directly depends on the results that students show at the exit.

In principle, you can take some courses – it’s cheaper than a private teacher. In no case should you choose expensive ones: teachers everywhere are about the same and they are paid the same. The high price of some courses is not justified by anything – just a desire to earn money and huge advertising costs.

But we must be prepared for the fact that they will not hold the hand, like ours. You will have to dig additionally yourself, and be sure to ask the teacher a lot of questions. If there are financial opportunities, it is better to find a decent private teacher on tutoring sites – they publish real reviews there.

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