“There are always a lot of poop at the start.” Founder of Mind Tracker Mikhail Fedosov

In the third episode of the Startup Secrets podcast, you’ll learn how two brothers created the Mind Tracker mental health mobile app, which has already been used by more than 10,000 people, all without an advertising budget.

Who would benefit from listening

– You are developing your application and want to understand how to promote it without a budget and what are the most important development metrics to focus on.

What is the benefit of issuing

– Mikhail Fedosov, founder of the mental health app mind tracker will share his life hack: “Where to look for the first users of the application in large volumes if there is no budget”, and we will also discuss with him how not to be intrusive, but at the same time return users every day, what to expect from entering Product Hunt, what to do with fear competition.

Topics and timestamps:

0:00 About the release

1:40 “Mental health market broth boils”

5:13 What we learned from the application MVP

14:15 Report on the emotions of the Russians

16:40 How to contact the Higher School of Economics for cooperation

18:36 How 10 thousand users were attracted without a budget

21:24 About the vibrant community of commentators on Google Play

23:20 Mobile app monetization

29:36 How to organically promote in the App Store and Google Play

32:45 About the fear of competition

33:58 Application development in foreign markets

41:13 Review of the application for 95 million people on the American TV channel AMC

45:25 User engagement through content

46:44 What’s stopping you from localizing your app in Germany?

47:52 How do you see the project in 1 year and 5 years

49:15 How to develop a user habit

53:23 What is your retention?

59:07 Three parting words for those who create their own mobile application

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