The youngest of the elders. Snom D120 IP Phone Review

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Today we have prepared a review for you on the most budget model of IP-phone in our line – Snom D120. We invite you to take a closer look at this telephone.

Unpacking and packaging

The phone comes in an ordinary cardboard box, the main advantage of which is its miniature size, due to the compact layout and small size of the device itself. Since such phones are usually not purchased in a single copy, this is an important point that simplifies the transportation and storage of devices.


The package is standard for almost any modern IP-phone, in the box are:

  • Telephone set
  • Quick start guide in several languages
  • Stand
  • Category 5E Ethernet Cable
  • Handset and twisted cord to connect it
  • Warranty card confirming 3 years of warranty on the telephone


The design of the device is simple and concise. The budget model did not affect the materials and the quality of the performance of individual parts, the black plastic of the case has a slightly rough surface structure and looks very decent, the keys are pressed clearly, without failing and without deviating to the sides. The key layout is familiar – two BLF buttons to the right of the display, four context keys under it. The navigation key is used to “move” through the menu and has the ability to press up and down. Next to it are the selection and cancel keys.


Despite the simplicity of the model, the number of function keys on it is quite large – in addition to the four sub-screens and three keys for working with sound devices, there are five more function keys. Initially, they are supposed to be used to enable / disable the DND mode, open the phone book, the list of dialed numbers, enable the hold mode in the conversation and record, but you can reassign each of the keys to one of the impressive list of other functions.


The screen of the device is small, but bright, even in sunny weather the information displayed on it is fully visible. Display resolution 132 x 64 pixels allows you to fit on it all the necessary information, including labels BLF-keys.
To the right and above the screen, in the corner of the phone, is the MWI indicator. The indicator light signals are bright, as is the illumination of the BLF keys, while in the off state, on the contrary, the indicator practically does not attract attention, merging with the body.


Snom D120 is the only phone of the current Snom line that has a physical hang-up tongue. The decision to use it was made in favor of simplifying the device, and therefore reducing its price. But, we are sure that there will also be users who like this method of ending a conversation, it is familiar and allows, for example, to end a call by clicking on the tongue and immediately start a new one without putting the telephone receiver on the device.
All connectors on the device are on the back of the chassis. There are 2 Ethernet ports, a power connector, and headset and handset ports. The stand, in the case of the D120, will not interfere with disconnecting and connecting cables to these connectors, if necessary, you can easily change the location of the device. The phone is powered by PoE or through a five-volt unit, it is not included in the kit, if your switches do not support PoE, you should take care of buying power supplies for the devices in advance.


Although the IP-phone case carries a large number of keys and connectors, the phone is very miniature and does not take up much space on the employee’s desk, which is important in the modern world and in the modern workplace. Whether it is an office or a desktop at home – the employee does not have to allocate a large space to get the full functionality of a modern IP-phone.

Software and setup

The web interface of D120 externally differs from that of older models only in the number of sections, basically this is already the usual Snom device configuration interface, built on XML. This allows you to change the labels, text and icons in the interface to your own taste and needs and even more customize the phone to your needs and the needs of the company.
As on other models, one of the keys of the device – the bottom one, is already pre-configured to use the “Quiet” mode, when you press it, the key indication turns green. The second key is used to select the line, of which the phone supports 2 pieces.


Quiet mode in Snom phones is used as follows: when you press a key in standby mode, all sound notifications on the telephone are turned off, which can be very convenient in a working environment. Calls, however, continue to come to the phone and appear on the screen. When you press a key when a call comes in, you turn off its ringtone, not including the “Quiet” mode for the whole phone.

Functionality and operation

Now let’s say a few words about using the device. The keys are conveniently located and, although they are not too large in size, are pressed clearly and confidently, thanks to their location, you will definitely not miss the desired one and will not touch the rest.
The phone has only one tilt angle of the stand, but the case is located in a space convenient for both pressing keys and using the handset.


It’s time to talk about the sound quality of the phone. It is not perfect, but the handset reproduces the sound loudly and very clearly, perhaps a little concealing intonations and high tones. The speakerphone regularly performs its function, passing you the words of the interlocutor, the microphone correctly and completely captures the sounds of your voice and sends them to the network. It is difficult to complain about the sound quality of the device, and this is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of such a simple model – full and high-quality voice transmission.


Snom D120 – is offered as a simple device for ordinary employees and is fully consistent with its purpose. The device does not have much frills in appearance and functionality, but it fully and 100% fulfills the functions of an entry-level IP phone incorporated in it.

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