The value of Qrator Labs affiliate programs

What is the value of participating in one of the Qrator Labs Affiliate Programs?

We firmly believe that by working together, you can achieve better results than separately. This is the main reason why we have made efforts over the years to build meaningful partnerships with a wide variety of companies. But at the top level, all of our partners are divided into two types. The former want to provide their own consumer with first-class DDoS protection technology developed by Qrator Labs, along with all ecosystem products and services. The latter are interested in providing a proprietary product to Qrator Labs customers by integrating into our filtration network.

Let us describe how our affiliate programs work, while recalling a couple of ancient stories.

By early 2021, Qrator Labs has a network of partners of about two hundred organizations around the world, each of which benefits from a wide portfolio of technologies offered by our company, including our main product for neutralizing DDoS attacks, as well as an anti-bot service and BGP monitoring tool – Qrator.Radar. This is not the whole list of services we offer, but these three have been developed in-house at Qrator Labs for over ten years.

At the same time, our proposal would be incomplete without two essential parts of the modern cybersecurity ecosystem: Web Application Firewall and Content Delivery Network technologies. Both of these services are offered to every Qrator Labs customer through a technology partnership we have established with three key vendors: SolidWall SolidWAF, Wallarm WAF, and RuGeeks CDN.

Creating a full-fledged product in the field of WAF is a difficult task that requires deep research and understanding of the problematic, as well as a large amount of direct work – writing and testing code. That is why we have found and integrated the best solutions available on the market.

The same rule fully applies to CDN technology, where we rely on RuGeeks for a complete product for caching static content and delivering it to the end user.

Now let’s see how the programs offered by Qrator Labs are useful to potential partners.

In our relationship with partner companies, we try to maintain fundamental advantages, which include (but are not limited to) the following points:

  • Transparent pricing policy, which means that at any time it is easy for a partner to navigate the criteria for choosing a tariff suitable for a consumer, in accordance with the requirements and specifics of the business;

  • Affiliate discounts based on competencies and business metrics. The most active partners receive large discounts on Qrator Labs services provided to their clients, along with assistance in maintaining the required level of expertise in negotiations;

  • Qrator API allowing seamless integration with the authorization system, various databases and monitoring systems;

  • Qrator Labs traffic filtering network is a solution available for any business, from SMB to Enterprise. The SLA level grows proportionally, from 97% to 99.99%, depending on the customer’s requirements;

  • Educational programs in which Qrator Labs provides the partner with all the necessary information, competencies and technical skills for the most effective navigation in three areas: presale, sales and support.

  • Of course, technical support, available in several languages ​​24×7, is the foundation of our offer;

  • The engineers of our presale department are always available to partners – from describing a suitable architectural connection scheme to detailing a pricing model that suits the partner’s business and sales strategy;

  • A specialized partner portal created by us specifically for the simplified management of multiple clients and all additional services.

In other words, our partner offerings target any MSSP and SOC as well as technology integrators, data centers, hosting and internet service providers. Any company in these categories will benefit from having Qrator Labs in their offering and vice versa by offering their own technology to current Qrator Labs customers.

For several years we have been in partnership with such companies as Yandex, GlobalDots, Kcell, DEAC, Selectel, Flant and BI.ZONE in order to offer our own services to the largest possible market segment. Your company can do the same!

And the first stop along the way is the partner portal:… Which, in addition to repeating all the theses from this text, welcomes every company wishing to become a partner of Qrator Labs and provide continuous availability services to even more potential consumers around the world, on a special page:

Please consider our offer and evaluate how partnerships with Qrator Labs, our network, portfolio of services and clients can benefit your business. We bet you will not be disappointed with the result!

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