The updated model Sauber Alfa Romeo F1 is equipped with 143 parts printed on a 3D printer

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During the last tests on the track in Barcelona, ​​Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen, which uses 3D printing in the construction of fireballs, demonstrated the updated C39 model: the car changed its camouflage color in the form of snake skin and in 2020 appeared in front of the audience in a new body.

Team racers Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi, as well as standby racer Robert Kubica and development pilot Tatyana Calderon, presented the updated C39 during a presentation at the circuit in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia.

Raikkonen appreciated the new C39. “For the first tests, it was pretty decent,” he shared. “The important thing is that everything works well, I did not identify any serious problems. The feelings are quite positive, but so far these are just the first tests. We are still waiting for testing, but I think that the updated model is a big step forward. Who knows where this will lead us, but so far everything is going well. ”

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The total number of metal parts printed for the updated version of C39 (a total of 143) includes 58 parts made of titanium, 19 parts made of aluminum alloys and 66 parts made of AlSi10Mg alloy. Parts are printed using four Sauber Engineering MetalFAB1 devices. The manufactured parts helped to reduce the weight of the car by 2%, which is significant enough to improve its performance. According to Jan Monschaw, the company’s technical director, parts printed with MetalFAB1 are designed for different parts of the car: from the chassis to pipelines, protective structures, fairings, electronic parts and body parts.

Sauber Engineering invests significant amounts in additive technology and received a positive return last season. In 2018, the Formula 1 team signed an agreement on a three-year technological partnership, within which it will integrate 3D metal printing technology in its field. In 2020, the company extended the partnership to 5 years. Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team has already acquired the third MetalFAB1 device, and has also introduced additional extensions to the second device used, namely, it added an additional camera for assembly to increase productivity.

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In 2018, Sauber Engineering installed five Pro 3D800 SLA wide format 3D printers from 3D Systems, joining companies that already use SLS and SLA 3D printers. Moreover, Sauber Engineering shares its experience and capabilities with those who also integrate additive technologies in their field.

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