The Standoff at PHDays: Take Part in the Anniversary Battle of Hackers and Defenders

For the fifth time at Positive Hack Days, The Standoff will be held – a competition between specialists in computer hacking and protection. We talk about the rules of this year’s cyber battle and how to take part in it.

What does the battlefield look like?

Well-known to visitors of previous PHDays, the layout of the city again increased in size. Its infrastructure repeats the real city: there are offices, factories, banks, traffic lights … And as in real life, local companies are subject to information security risks.

In addition to companies from the energy, financial and oil sectors, at least eight different industries, which are an integral part of our lives, will be presented in one form or another in the framework of the layout.

This year’s rules

Last time, besides hackers and defenders, teams of expert centers of security (SOC) were active participants in The Standoff. This year, the roles of defenders and SOC merge into one: we reserve the right for each team to independently decide on the involvement of SOC specialists as participants.

In addition, mentors will appear in the teams whose main task is to transfer their experience to other participants. Information about mentors with which teams can agree on cooperation will be published later.

As usual, a cyber battle will last two days without a break. In early April, defender teams will have access to the infrastructure for the preparation of defenses.

Like last year, The Standoff will host a hackathon for developers. The task for its participants is to deploy and update their applications, which attackers will test for strength. Details will be announced later.

Requirements for The Standoff Participants

In The Standoff terminology, hackers are a collective term that unites all those involved in pentests, works in red teams, participates in bug bounty, and plays in CTF competitions. In a team of hackers, there are a variety of skills, but only a truly balanced team with extensive experience, deep knowledge, and knowledge of various tools can win. During a cyber battle, it’s not enough to find a vulnerability, you need to be able to exploit it and gain a foothold inside the infrastructure of the hacked company so that the defenders do not notice it.

In turn, defenders are people who have knowledge in the field of information protection and want to test themselves in combat conditions, quickly implementing a system of protecting corporate infrastructure with their own hands.

How to take part

To participate in The Standoff you need to apply through a special form.

Add to chat members and read our Telegram channel.

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