The second day of 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021: how it was

At the plenary session, a lot was said about the shift in emphasis from industrial products as such to impressions of their use. In this part of the conference, as well as in subsequent thematic sections, the participants learned how 3DEXPERIENCE Works brings together people, applications and data in real time – that is, covers almost every aspect of the enterprise. This opens the door to increased productivity, easier collaboration and faster innovation.

There were some compelling testimonials from client companies that make heavy use of the tools 3DEXPERIENCE Works to turn your ideas into reality. One such company – startup Skinny Guy Campers – 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS helps to implement plans for business expansion.

A representative of the Square Robot company shared how they managed to strengthen their competitive advantage by expanding design and manufacturing capabilities using the tools of the complex 3DEXPERIENCE Works… Then the participants were introduced to the Seed Terminator company, which uses 3DEXPERIENCE Works to adapt its products to different agricultural machines and crop weeds.

Frank Stevenson, who has a track record of being lead designer and design director at major auto companies such as McLaren, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat and MINI, was (predictably) about speed. He described how to shorten development cycles, how to use rapidly evolving design tools and what needs to be done to support the human link in the human-machine system.

Want to see the race on the moon or take a ride in a flying taxi? Stevenson showed examples of his current projects – and indeed, this is something outside the world we are used to! Watch the recording of his presentation on the virtual event platform (“Agenda” tab).

Deep dive

After the plenary session, participants had the opportunity to dive deeper into specific production areas. In the section “Virtual testing – the path to excellence”, they talked about why a comprehensive analysis of the behavior of products in operation is so important already at the early stages of their development. Demonstrated scalable, connected SIMULIA solutions configured to work with SOLIDWORKS.

Participants in the Accessible Data Management panel saw three companies using the power of the cloud to store their data without the traditional hassle of on-premises deployments. It also discussed why effective data management is critical to development success.

The section “The Future of Design and Manufacturing” was held jointly with the creators of the “Titans of CNC” TV program. They talked about a company that was able to complete the project in an extremely short time, organizing a safe and reliable interaction of all parties using SOLIDWORKS and a powerful platform 3DEXPERIENCE.

Another section was attended by Jason Paul – a recognized industrial designer, whom everyone knows from reality shows “American motorcycle” on the Discovery Channel. He gave a quick overview of the amazing projects he is currently working on.

Separate sections “Passport of the Startup Ecosystem” for the regions of North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific were devoted to the problems and prospects faced by the founders of startups when launching new products, as well as the dynamics of the modern market. Participants shared information on what investors are looking forward to, what the current industry trends are, and how startups are moving from ideas to production.

On the second day 3DEXPERIENCE World we discussed a lot of issues. We’ve learned to analyze consumer experiences. Tomorrow, as the program of the third day says, we will dive deeper into connections and relationships – and it does not matter at all that physically we are far from each other.

We recommend that you watch the video below so as not to miss a single highlight.

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