The Myths That Surround Phenibut

Disclaimer. This drug is released strictly by prescription. The material is written based on the private opinion of a group of people who voluntarily took phenibut in order to increase productivity. These drugs are strictly not recommended to be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Phenibut has an ambiguous status. The debate isn’t just about whether or not nootropics have proven efficacy. There is the problem of “old and effective” Phenibut being workable. And a modern analogue, the effect of which is not felt from the word at all. In touch RISE: community about nootropics and personal productivity. And in this material we will figure out whether phenibut works and how exactly.

What is Phenibut?

In our brain, there is a balance between glutamic and gamma-aminobutyric acids. Glutamic acid, to put it very bluntly, is a stimulant. When too much of it accumulates, the enzymes that are in the brain process the excess glutamic acid into GABA, an inhibitory amino acid. Its deficiency is replenished through Phenibut tablets. Ideally, a person gains concentration and thereby boosts personal efficiency. In some cases, it easily falls into lucid dreaming.But due to what is this happening?

GABA Pills vs Phenibut Pills – What’s the Difference?

GABA is a classic dietary supplement for brain function. Gamma-aminobutyric acid splashes in excess among neurons, but sometimes its synthesis is complicated by external factors. In particular:

  • genetic features. Only genetic tests. But indeed, a person can be born with a reduced production of enzymes that ensure the synthesis of GABA. This is one of the factors in the possible development of ADHD or general anxiety.

  • Sleep disorders. Here, too, the range of problems is quite wide. On the one hand, if the circadian rhythms fail, any person will suffer from irritability and nervousness. On the other hand, it will help to restore the routine taking melatoninwhich works as a synchronizer of the internal systems of the body.

  • Stable stress. It may well be that GABA reserves are literally burning out, facing a chronic race for success. Do more, be more productive, be more efficient, etc. It is especially difficult when they lie on top cognitive errorsthat make you rush between irrational values ​​and erroneous dreams.

So when the symptoms do point to a GABA deficiency, the doctor should, in theory, recommend this drug. But here lies the biggest problem (or happiness) of our body.

Our brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier, which keeps everything out of the control center of the human body. Therefore, in the race for productivity, it is so important oral bioavailability productivity drugs. In pure GABA, it is extremely small. But phenibut is the same GABA, but with a “screwed” phenolic core. Thanks to him, the drug penetrates the brain and binds to GABA receptors.

Why are Phenibut tablets so popular in IT?

The status of the drug is highly ambiguous. In Western countries, it is sold as a dietary supplement, and anyone can buy phenibut, along with creatine, which is also useful for “IT people”. In Eastern Europe, the drug is sold only in pharmacies, but it can also be purchased freely. In Russia, phenibut tablets will only be given to those who could get a prescription from their doctor. Perhaps the forbidden status creates an additional aura of attractiveness, plus unintentional marketing from the times of the USSR.

Marketing and the USSR seem to be incompatible concepts. That’s just phenibut was included in the astronaut’s first aid kit. And they were even used for their intended purpose. to believe that phenibut nootropic – not quite right. This is a remedy that relieves stress, but the person does not experience the effects of sedation. The need to use phenibut arose among Soviet cosmonauts when docking shuttles during the Soyuz-Apollo mission. Time passed, the situation remained critical, there was no solution. Then an order was received from the MCC: “take phenibut and fall asleep.” Waking up, the astronauts found a suitable solution.

But “after” does not mean “because of”. Phenibut has acquired its cult status in the vastness of the CIS countries. At that time abroad it is known as: “the same drug Red Soviets“. Where is the truth here – let’s ask those who take the drug.

Immersed in subjective experience. What effect does phenibut have?

Our community unites people who seek to increase personal productivity. Accordingly, various methods, nootropic drugs, dietary supplements and psychological tools are tested on themselves. Recently, a survey was conducted: did a person take Phenibut tablets, in what dosage, how many times a day, how long did the course last and what were the effects? Below are summarized results divided into categories.

Feedback from respondents using phenibut tablets

We received many answers. Respondents who took the drug once or twice were eliminated immediately, only those who took the drug according to the instructions remained. 250 mg 3 times a day. And here the following clusters of answers were found. In the article they are presented as follows: a generalizing paragraph of the conclusions, and below – the comments of the respondents.

This is not a direct scientific research, but rather a review of the situation through the prism of subjective opinions.

Easier to bear stress. Respondents claimed that it became easier to endure the exciting moments of life. Work meetings, interacting with toxic people, doing tasks that used to cause disgust. Some took the drug after AD therapy. The course was accompanied by the following comments:

  • there is a feeling that tolerance is growing towards him …

  • if hell was given a normal working state, then phenibut relaxed … I could not take it on a constant basis because of the cottony state …

  • the condition was so easy, nothing worried …

  • The number of buggy and vivid dreams has increased significantly …

Boost performance. The analogy of a cup of coffee, only acts softer and the effect lasts longer. Participants who took the drug as a course sometimes took an extra pill just before work. The effect was the following:

  • when nervous at work or school, it helps to eliminate anxiety and get down to business

  • emotions are turned off. How do you become a robot…

  • you become calmer. However, you feel stupid…

  • From the first days, activation is observed – social disinhibition is growing, it is easy to communicate with people (it is extremely noticeable for me, that is, I really want to communicate – which is not observed in the normal state) …

  • drink it [речь идет про фенибут, производства США или Латвии] at crucial moments or when there is no energy. It works like an amphetamine on me. Days are like a machine. Emotions do not fade away, you do everything with great pleasure and euphoria.

Healthy sleep. Most often, phenibut tablets are prescribed to anxious, nervous people who also complain of problems with falling asleep. In this case, phenibut is able to put a person to sleep, and affects dreams.

  • Terribly sleepy just 24 to 7 …

  • I sleep very badly, for years. Therefore, at night I drink Phenibut 3 tablets * 250 mg, then the dream is super. Dosage is tentative…

  • Now I take one tablet before bedtime, it helps a lot to fall asleep. I often have insomnia, and even if I manage to fall asleep, my thoughts are still spinning and spinning, I have already forgotten what dreams are. But a pill of phenibut + 3 mg of melatonin + 5htp + magnesium helps to sleep quite well …

  • I drank irregularly, when I couldn’t fall asleep basically, one or two 250 mg tablets. From two, at first it was straight out, and then it began to act as a good sedative …

Phenibut Problems

Tolerance. All participants reported that over time, tolerance to phenibut develops. You have to either increase the dosage or gradually reduce it, faced with a withdrawal syndrome.

withdrawal syndrome. At the end of the course, everyone experienced this effect on themselves. Most of all, it was reflected in people who took phenibut to normalize sleep. However, if neuroses were removed from life or a stressful situation was resolved, then there were no problems with sleep during the cancellation of the course.

Drowsiness. Some respondents stated that instead of the expected increase in productivity, on the contrary, drowsiness appeared.

Check reviews, study responses, ask questions to respondents, you can link to survey. If you have your own experience with phenibut, please write about it.

Are there analogues of phenibut?

Nootropics and dietary supplements are different. Some are aimed at squeezing some of the resources out of the body for the benefit of productivity. Others work with a focus on replacing the original neurotransmitters, interfering with the underlying neurochemistry of the brain. Still others simply provide fuel for the central nervous system, literally enveloping it with an excess of desired components, which, anyway, sooner or later, will be excreted through the kidneys.

An analogue of phenibut, if prescribed by a doctor, does not exist. The drug is prescription, complex, rather specific. If you are looking for productivity, then this is hardly the right tool, since it is quite difficult to get it. Moreover, as a result, you will be waiting for the withdrawal syndrome or the gradual development of tolerance.

Prescription nootropics, while offering a quick response, can be highly rebound, side-effect, or addictive.

So if you just want to increase your own productivity, then I would highly recommend using safe and over-the-counter formulas. Dedicated to their analysis separate material. You can start with the simplest combinations like caffeine + L-theanine. It is most reliable and easiest to use ready-made complexes. I personally recommend the complex. mindbooster. I take it on a regular basis to support productivity.

Debunking the myth. How valuable is phenibut?

Despite its wide popularity, phenibut remains one element of a wide range of tools. Its effectiveness is quite subjective, but as you can see, there are some trends. If you need a quick effect, then phenibut can help. But in the long run, prepare for withdrawal and tolerance development.

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Author: Philip Donchev. RISE Community Editor

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