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My position is that it is better to have more choice than to have less choice. I want to maximize the likelihood of my survival and consider solutions that increase that likelihood. Mobility is good. Isaac Asimov’s family managed to “slip through the closing gate” at the last moment, and therefore we have the works of the great science fiction writer.

I bring to your attention a selection of materials (ontol) that I have collected in order to stop some of the risks that are present in the life of active, intelligent and enterprising people. (I save you 5-10 hours of searching and filtering.)

If lightning strikes near your home, it is wise to stock up on a lightning rod.

Ontol Is a resource designed to help you maximize your potential: to enter to the university that is most useful for you, to live in the most efficient place on the planet, to move freely, work your dream job, read the books you need

Political risks

In our country, political risks – the risks that the rules of the game will change and you will lose everything in general – are exactly twice as high as the average in the world.

Out of 100% of criminal cases against business:

  • 43% – personal interest of law enforcement or government officials
  • 32% – your competitor found security officials and authorities and “ordered” a criminal case
  • 7% is really a violation of the law

(from a 2017 report by Boris Titov, the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, proof)

Recent (a couple of weeks ago) survey of 2423 IT workers (50% Senior, 30% Middle, 10% Junior):

  • 23% will definitely leave in the next 5 years (563)
  • 18% have already left (443)
  • 37% hesitate (900)
  • 21% are not going to leave at all (517)

Under the cut is a selection of personal histories of obtaining an O-1 visa and a green card, as well as useful channels. (I will be grateful for the additions, send the most useful materials about the USA and other countries.)











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A huge request, discuss in the comments ONLY technical issues and practical life hacks for obtaining an O-1 visa and a green card

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