The IT industry in Russia is paused

Intel, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc, in short – all serious high-tech companies stop working with Russia.

At all.

From public sources: AMD and Intel have suspended deliveries of their products to Russia, The United States demanded that TSMC stop cooperation with Russia. There is a risk of a complete stop in the supply of video cards and other components from Southeast Asia.

From private sources: On February 25, Intel informed its Russian partners that it was terminating all contracts and all deliveries, and within a week it would close its representative office in Russia. On the same date, TSMC announced that it was ending its cooperation with Russian companies. Elbrus 16 – canceled, Elbrus 32 – canceled, in general, all current developments of domestic processors have been stopped, the technical processes for which they were conducted are no longer available, the MCST management is looking for opportunities to return to old designs and set up work on Chinese FABs.

It doesn’t fit in my head what this can lead to, because ALL the modern infrastructure of the country depends on these supplies: the work of banks, retail chains, logistics, rail and air communications, supercomputers, etc. No more day-to-day hot-swapping, no development, no new data centers, no new jobs. When local dealers run out of stock, servers will be supported on a “pull out of this and stick in that” principle, but this will also not be enough for a long time.

And this is just the beginning, because there will be a boycott from software companies, MS, Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta (Facebooc etc), Adobe, Dropbox and so on and so forth, there will be no more support, no subscriptions, no clouds, no payment systems.

If you want to imagine what life is like without Google Play and Google Pay, look at Crimea.

Only one more problem is that a significant part of all VPNs and means to bypass Russian and foreign sanctions can also be disabled and not all hosting providers will continue to cooperate in order to raise their server with an encrypted channel from them.

It is a little consoling that the supply of consumer goods has not yet stopped, laptops, smartphones, etc. – they will be sold as before. Only industrial technologies fell under the total ban. Companies that were tied not only to hardware – can develop a software business.

If the sanctions do not stop, then our country, slowly but inevitably, will begin to return to the era called: “The Beginning of the Computer Age”, when information technologies have just begun to be introduced on an industrial scale and most computer users were among home users.

I don’t want to discuss the reasons that led to this situation, the discussion of politics is prohibited here and, to be honest, there are so many out of every iron that you can’t hide or hide. Therefore, I ask you to refrain from emotional comments.

We look forward to a civilized dialogue.

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