The government again ordered all bulbs to be good

On December 24, the Russian Government adopted Resolution No. 2255 “On Approval of Requirements for Lighting Devices and Electric Lamps Used in AC Circuits for Lighting Purposes”.
Some of the poorly fulfilled requirements from the invalidated resolution 1354 migrated to the new resolution.

The most interesting thing about conventional LED lamps is in table 12.

All lamps must have a color rendering index of at least 80 and a ripple factor of no more than 10%.

It would be very nice if all lamps sold in Russia really meet these requirements. Unfortunately, in many cases it is customary not to comply with laws and regulations, but to bypass them. As soon as Resolution 1356 was issued, many manufacturers began to write on the lamp boxes “Color rendering index> 80”, while calmly continued and continue to install LEDs with CRI 70 in lamps. If earlier it was possible to understand that if the manufacturer wrote CRI (Ra)> 70 light bulb “not very”, and now everyone just writes 80.
Alas, lamps with 100% pulsation are also found (especially small capsule ones with G9 and G4 sockets).

As for the poor fulfillment of the requirements, the new decree again wrote that lamps from 10 to 25 W must have a power factor of at least 0.7. In fact, 99% of these lamps have a PF of about 0.5 and 0.7 can only be made in two ways – either very expensive or with a high ripple factor.

Basically, the decree is devoted to energy efficiency, there are many tables and coefficients in which I do not even want to dive into.

Bylaw 2255 takes effect on 1 January 2021.

The entire text of the resolution is here:

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