The future is coming: Chinese robots come to Russia

A few months ago, robots from Ubtech Robotics arrived in Russia from China – Aimbot, Cruzr and Alpha Mini. We were the first to receive and test them. In this article, we will share the experience of unpacking, show how one robot monitors our data center, and the other, before the height of the pandemic, met visitors in the office.

Ubtech – A major player in the robotics market. The company is known for its robot. Walkerwho in the future can become an assistant in every family. UBTech also manufactures patrol robots, monitoring robots, assistant robots and robots for full-fledged educational programs in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Atris and Aimbot

Atris and Aimbot robots provide security in industrial or indoor environments. Computer vision and built-in sensors help them monitor order on the territory, monitor security and detect defects, and respond to unauthorized entry. Atris robots are used by the Chinese police to patrol the center of Beijing and the facilities under construction for the 2022 Olympics. These babies are working quite effective.

Atris has not reached us yet, we admire it in the photo.

But Aimbot got to us. He came to LANIT in such a case.

We begin to unpack.

The LANIT office has its own demonstration data center, so far the baby has been settled there.

And set up.

Aimbot robots are used in industrial facilities and in large data centers to monitor the technical condition of equipment and control access to the premises.

Aimbot also picks up infrared radiation. He not only sees a person in the data center, he “feels” him. Special robot modifications to combat COVID-19 can measure the temperature of people passing by with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

The thermal imager detects abnormal areas (for example, overheated equipment or areas of the room) and signals about them. The thermal imager also helps to identify on the territory of a person (or a wild animal, which is a problem for many enterprises).

In addition to the thermal imager, the robot is equipped with a circular microphone and can “listen” to how the equipment works, as well as use computer vision to check indicators, identify visitors and verify that all server cabinets remain closed after work

The Aimbot robot can also take an inventory of equipment, check the completeness of fire fighting equipment, the absence of obstacles on fire passages, monitor the progress of work and ensure the telepresence of more qualified specialists.

So the robot “sees” the data center through a thermal imager.

All types of robots can work autonomously or be controlled from the “cloud”, they can be integrated with existing IT systems of the company, and the open software interface allows you to expand the functionality to fit your own needs.


The robot itself finds its docking station and charges (like a “robot vacuum cleaner”).

This is how charging for the robot looks.

This robot now automatically monitors our data center, regularly bypasses it and tells us information about the status of the equipment.


The second robot from UBTech that came to us is a robot for working in public places, a business assistant, the Cruzr model. Airports, museums, hotels around the world are actively buying it. for working with tourists

He came to us in such a black “suitcase”.

it friendly robotthat speaks, answers questions and helps with navigation. This is actually a help desk in the shape of a cute humanoid robot. Such models in the background collect a huge amount of data: what are people interested in, where do they most often order a taxi, determine the gender, age and race of the interlocutors, etc.

Cruzr communicates with a person using voice, sign language, text, visual information (including through the touch screen). Among its capabilities is also high-precision USLAM navigation (Ubtech SLAM): real-time map building, obstacle avoidance, safe movement; wide range of computer vision: HD and RGBD cameras (depth cameras) + built-in algorithms recognize faces with 98% accuracy even at a far distance, determine gender and age, recognize human emotions and have the ability to expand functionality. The electronic skin of the robot and a set of sensors ensure safe movement and interaction with humans. Cruzr has an open API and its own SDK. Its functionality can be fully customized and integrated with information systems for any tasks.

Ready to unpack

Robot parameters

System structure

In the LANIT office, this robot won the hearts of all the ladies with its congratulations on March 8.

We found this robot a useful use: we placed it on the floor for guidance, and he, having traveled the entire floor, compiled his map himself, remembered where he should meet the guests. We brought photographs of the entire top management into it so that he knew the leaders in person. The robot greets them by name, and helps strangers find the way to the right office.

LANIT specialists are now working on customizing the robot, expanding its functionality and localization.

Robots against coronavirus

In China, Ubtech robots help fight with coronavirus. At the beginning of the epidemic, the functionality of these robots was expanded to use them to fight with coronavirus. For example, Atris police robots while patrolling scanned people on the street, determining their temperature from a distance and transmitting alerts to the police along with a photo of a sick person on the street.

This is an Atris disinfector

Cruzr helped at checkpoints to check in / out between provinces. Enhanced versions of Atris, Aimbot and Cruzr received a sensitive thermal imager that allows you to measure the temperature of people in the crowd with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius, spray disinfectants, identify people who don’t wear a mask, broadcast announcements or give people information on coronavirus or current procedures .


Another type of robot is entertaining and educational. When working with them, adults and children can learn through programming how artificial intelligence works, how to create it, and how to interact with it. Our cooperation with Ubtech includes, among other things, the possibility of implementing educational projects, developing, adapting and implementing training programs in Russian educational institutions.

And robots know how to dance. Synchronously. Alpha Mini Model.

And they can be very formidable. Model Alpha 1E.

Alpha Mini and large Alpha can be used in training, as their functionality is expanded both with the help of the built-in programming language a la scratch and with software written in other programming languages ​​(Python, C #, Java).

Chinese training program. We plan to refine it to Russian realities.

The Chinese are organizing international robotics competitions in which, we hope, Russian students will be participating very soon.

By the way, the robots with pleasure starred in the congratulatory video LANIT:

Robots can really be used in business processes. But while we figure it out ourselves, what’s what, and how to work with them more effectively. By the way, if you want, we can show how it all works. You can see robots in our office, for this you can write to me.

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