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Everything starts with a name, even in the world of IT technologies and startups. This article is for everyone who wants to choose the ideal domain zone for an IT project and not be limited to .RU or .COM domain zones. However, among a large number of domain extensions, choosing the perfect one can be a real challenge. I researched more than 800 domain zones and chose 20 suitable for the IT sector.

An important element of any IT project is choosing a suitable domain name. For a long time, domain zones were limited to the well-known .ru, .com, .org, .su, .рф and .net. However, over time, the domain name market has undergone significant changes. Today we are faced with many options for domain zones, each of which provides certain advantages and is focused on specific purposes.

Choosing a domain zone for an IT project is not just a technical aspect, but also a strategic decision that can affect brand perception, search engine optimization, and overall online visibility. Many factors, such as geographical location, nature of activity, target audience and even psychological aspects, must be taken into account when making a decision.

In this guide article we will look at 20 domain zones that can be used to register a domain. Of course, some domain zones can be used for registration in other industries, but this list of domain names seemed to me as close as possible to the IT sector.

List of domain zones:


This zone is ideal for mobile applications, indicating their purpose. It was introduced by Google and was one of the new areas that were introduced for public registration. The domain zone is intended primarily for websites and applications for the Android and iOS platforms. It implies that domains in this zone will be frequently used by application developers and companies providing online services.


This is a national top-level domain zone that is associated with Anguilla, a small British territory in the Caribbean. However, because “AI” is also associated with artificial intelligence, it has become a popular domain extension for technology and innovation companies involved in artificial intelligence development and research.


Domain names in this zone are usually associated with cloud technologies, services and resources. This zone was introduced to provide organizations and users with the ability to choose more unique and relevant domain names for their cloud products and services. .cloud domain names can be associated with cloud hosting, data storage, applications, technology, and other aspects of the digital cloud.


Designed for developers and companies related to technology and web development. Domains in this zone are often used to host websites, applications, and other online projects related to programming, development, and technology. Also suitable for personal portfolios of developers.


The domain zone is intended for sites related to design, creativity and visual art. This enables visual and creative site owners to use a more relevant and memorable domain name. If you have a company or portfolio related to graphic design, web design, or design in general, then you can choose a .design domain name to reflect the essence of your business.


Designed for sites and resources related to digital technologies, innovation, digital products and services, as well as everything related to the digital sphere and Internet technologies. Choosing a domain in this zone can be a good solution for companies, startups and individuals involved in digital products, information technology, online services, and software development.


This is a domain extension that was originally a geographic domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory. Nowadays, .io domains are widely used in technology, startups and internet services. They have gained popularity due to their simplicity and conciseness, and also because they can be interpreted as shorthand for various acronyms such as “input/output”, “internet organization”, “innovative online”, and so on.


The domain zone is usually associated with online presence, online businesses, websites and other online platforms. It may be of interest to companies providing services and products via the Internet, as well as to anyone who wants to highlight their online activities.


The domain zone has a certain meaning, which is associated with the concept of “part” or “part”. It can be used by companies, organizations or people involved in the production, sale or provision of information about spare parts, components and other types of parts for various products and devices.


Used to refer to sites and resources related to software, computer applications and technical solutions in the field of IT. The domain zone allows companies and individuals to create clearer and more informative addresses that reflect the essence of their activities or specialization. Emphasizes the main focus of the site – software.


The domain zone was created to provide companies specializing in information security and cybersecurity with a unique opportunity to create website addresses that are directly related to this topic. Using a .security domain extension can help increase an organization’s information security visibility and awareness.


May imply that your site is related to creativity, art, media or any other activity that is associated with the concept of “studio”. Such domains often attract people and companies who want to highlight their expertise in their chosen field. Ideal for media production, design and creative studios.


The domain zone can be used for sites that provide information, help, technical support or advice on a specific topic, product or service.


Typically associated with technical, computer and information topics. It provides an excellent opportunity for companies developing, implementing or maintaining a variety of systems to provide their services and products through unique domain names.


This is an opportunity for online projects, companies and individuals to present their innovative solutions, products and services on the Internet. With this domain zone you get the opportunity to create an address that is immediately associated with the intellectual and technical potential of your business or project. The word “solutions” in the domain zone indicates that your site provides not just products or services, but complete solutions for a variety of tasks and needs. This is the ideal domain extension for companies that want to emphasize their ability to provide customers with more than just a product.


Choosing a domain in this zone can be useful for companies and entrepreneurs whose activities are related to the provision of various services in the field of information technology, repair services, consulting firms, online services, production and sale of software, maintenance, technical support.


The domain zone is associated with tools, software, services and other technical means. The .tools domain extension may be a suitable choice if you are in the business of developing software, providing online tools, or providing resources for tech professionals.


The domain zone has become popular among startups, companies, programmers and everyone working in the technical industries. It provides the ability to create a memorable domain name that clearly communicates your technology expertise. Great for technology and innovation projects.


This domain extension provides an opportunity to create a strong online identity for anyone involved in the development, innovation, and application of technology in various fields. Suitable for a wide range of resources. It can be used by technology companies to present their products, services and achievements. It is also a suitable choice for start-ups, research projects and engineering teams wishing to highlight their specialization in innovation and technology.


Designed for use by businesses searching for new opportunities and exploring new directions in their activities. It may also be of interest to startups, innovative companies and venture funds.

This list of domain zones will help you choose the necessary and, most importantly, free domain for registration. After all, as often happens, well-remembered and short domains in popular domain zones are already taken or are sold at high prices at auctions.

I would like to note that not all domain zones indicated in the article are available for registration with Russian registrars, I don’t want to single out anyone separately, but if you try to Google, I think you will find registrars that allow you to register a domain in the required domain zone.

If you want to get acquainted with all existing domain zones, then that way. The site has a detailed description of almost all domain zones and it is constantly updated and added.

Perhaps I missed some domain zones that are suitable for IT, if you know suitable zones, then write in the comments, or come to my cozy Telegram channel Let’s discuss.

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