The first photos from Mars

Today is the third day of drone flights of a unique eco-technological project Drone EcoZone from M.Video-Eldorado! Hundreds of QA, Java and Analyst solving problems on the site gained the ability to remotely control drones over the Ural Mars, Ruskeala Park, Aiskiy cliffs, Sulak canyon and Curonian Spit. Below the cut are examples of photos taken by the project participants in unique protected areas.

One of the most popular flight locations is the Ural Mars, a clay pit in the Sverdlovsk region suitable for filming the movie The Martian.

Manage to launch a drone over Mars and take unique author’s photographs from a bird’s-eye view.

By the way, it is your photos that we will place on sweatshirts from Zaporozhets Heritage, indicating your nickname, date and coordinates of the flight location. The proceeds will go to the charity fund “Beautiful Children in a Beautiful World”!

Turn on the drone and help save nature!

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