the first DDR5 memory, ultra-fast SSDs and more

We literally rush into the new year at new speeds. The outgoing 2021 will be remembered for many breakthrough premieres that will be relevant for a long time to come.

This is trite, but we want to sum up the results of the year. It was not in vain that they tried and puffed throughout 2021, launching new products and fighting against the next cataclysms of a planetary scale.

One of the most significant events was the launch of the new gaming brand Kingston FURY for gaming memory and SSD lines. In fact, this is a rebranding of the HyperX line, which has managed to earn an impeccable reputation among gamers. For example, HyperX Predator RAM became known as Kingston FURY renegade, and HyperX Fury – Kingston FURY Beast… Physically, these are the same components, but under the global parent brand. The relaunch can be considered a success: by the end of the year, sales of the new Kingston FURY were almost equal to those of the previous HyperX.

Another thing we are proud of is the world’s first DDR5 RAM from Kingston. We were immediately awarded Intel Platform Validation to ensure that our DDR5 RAMs are compatible with Intel platforms. A little later, the novelty was tested by motherboard manufacturers, including MSI, Asus, ASRock and Gigabyte. Now all these manufacturers have motherboards with DDR5 support, and you can see for yourself the superiority of the brackets of the new standard over the modules of the previous generation.

This year was generally rich in premieres. In addition to RAM, we didn’t forget about drives: the Kingston range now included SSD FURY Renegade new generation. Designed for gamers, PC enthusiasts and power users alike, this drive is built in the M.2 2280 form factor and uses PCIe 4.0 with NVMe protocol. The combination of the powerful Phison PS5018-E18 controller and the fast 176-layer 3D TLC memory from Micron has enabled the SSD to run incredibly fast. You can choose the capacity according to your needs: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB.

Kingston FURY Renegade is the fastest SSD from Kingston, delivering sequential read / write speeds of up to 7300/7000 MB / s, and 4K random access performance can reach 1,000,000 IOPS read and write. Plus, the use of Kingston FURY Renegade isn’t limited to computers and laptops. This SSD officially supports PlayStation 5 game consoles.

We understand that these extremely high speeds are needed not only for gamers. Therefore, a similar model appeared in the main line: this Kingston KC3000… The drive is also offered in 512 GB, 1, 2 and 4 TB versions, uses a Phison PS5018-E18 controller and 176-layer 3D TLC memory from Micron, has a linear read speed of up to 7000 MB / s.

A successful debut was our first external SSD Kingston XS2000… With its dimensions of 69.54 x 32.58 x 13.50 mm, this baby is only slightly larger than a flash drive, but its performance does not seem childish at all – up to 2000 MB / s in reading and writing. The high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface with Type C connector is responsible for these wonders. Thanks to it, the SSD can be connected to a computer or mobile device and used anywhere. It is available in sizes up to 2TB and is great for working with high definition images, 8K video.

In addition to external SSDs, flash drives also remain relevant. Clouds are good for everyone for exchanging data between devices, but if you need to transfer large files, nothing better than physical transfer has not yet been invented. This year we released a great solution: the DataTraveler Max portable flash drive. Outwardly, it is not much different from similar ones, but everything interesting is inside. The new SM2320 controller (we used it in the Kingston XS2000 as well) made it possible to achieve previously unthinkable speeds: 1000/900 MB / s for reading / writing via USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2. And the capacity of a new flash drive can reach 1 terabyte!

Yes, we try to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumer categories. Do you remember our concept? KIWY – Kingston Is With You – Kingston Always With You… Today we already offer a range of products and solutions to help in all possible areas – from business to private life. But most importantly, we are perfectly able to recognize only emerging market trends, staying at the forefront of progress and responsive to your wishes. For example, it was this skill that helped us to see in time the growing demand for memory chips in some markets, and to create stocks to avoid shortages.

Analysts TrendForce named Kingston the leader in channel sales of solid state drives in 2020. And this is against the backdrop of a 15% market decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic and disrupted supply chains. As the ongoing crisis swept the world, we were able to maintain top-notch sales and secure access to product quality experts and engineers. The result was logical. We accounted for 27% of the 111.5 million SSDs shipped in 2020. And this despite the fact that the closest pursuer Kingston was able to get only 8% of the market. In addition, we succeeded in eighteenth time in a row to become the # 1 DRAM ISV by 2020. The company’s revenue increased by 2.03%, reaching $ 13.2 billion, which allowed us to occupy 78.02% of the market.

We’re doing great in 2021, too: Kingston is # 19 in the list of the largest private companies in America according to Forbes for 2021 and received the title of the leader in the industry rating “Technological equipment and equipment”.

Keeping up with the times is fundamentally important. Earlier this year, we partnered with NXP Semiconductors to develop new i.MX 8M Plus application processors. And now, all buyers of NXP Engineering Validation Kits with i.MX 8M Plus will see Kingston eMMC in the package. This is not only a great opportunity to expand your relationship with a leading application processor developer, but also an additional chance to showcase Kingston’s on-board memory solutions to other IoT manufacturers.

Along with the upcoming year 2022, an era of new speeds is coming for both RAM and storage. We will try to make the new year even more exciting by continuing to actively work on the next innovations.

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