The element of surprise (or not?) In product development

Elements of surprise work great in advertising and amusement theme park rides. People who tell exciting stories and amuse the audience always have something unexpected in their working arsenal – something that can make you laugh, cry and wait with bated breath to continue. Sudden plot twists are often amusing, but only when it comes to carefree leisure time rather than industrial product development progress. When surprises like quality problems, bloated budgets, annoyed customers, and overtime work suddenly appear, it’s not funny at all.

Difficult industry problems

SOLIDWORKS Simulation protects our customers, wherever they are, from surprises in design and production. Finite Element Computer Simulation (FEM) helps you predict how your parts and assemblies will behave in response to real physical forces.

For some reason, many engineers think that modeling tasks should be entrusted only to experts, and best of all – with an advanced degree. But this is not at all the case. Do not forget that there is SOLIDWORKS Simulation – a system that makes FEM accessible even for ordinary engineers.

Modeling the behavior of products in real use will help you answer the most pressing questions:

  • Can lighter materials be used in my design without sacrificing strength?

  • What physical factors will affect its performance (vibration, fatigue, temperature)?

  • What parts of the product can be painlessly made stronger and lighter by optimizing the design topology?


We present to you four conversations customers using SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Electric Power Systems, GE Healthcare, Omax Corporation, and Tenaris Group. Find out how these companies are improving design quality, getting projects to completion faster, reducing the need for physical prototypes, and driving manufacturing innovation.

Want your engineers to learn how to solve problems early in the design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation and FEM analysis? Authorized partner in your area will definitely tell you about it.

We invite you to get acquainted with the functionality and innovations of SOLIDWORKS 2021 in detail by watching the video on Dassault Systemes official channel in Russia:

one. SOLIDWORKS 2021 | Increased productivity and a new approach to design


3. SOLIDWORKS CAM 2021 | Innovations in machining simulation

four. SOLIDWORKS PLASTICS 2021 | Reinventing polymer injection molding processes

five. SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 | Data exchange with external systems

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