The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 352 (July 6 – July 12)

In this issue, MVVM and MVI, close interactions and smooth transitions, years in game dev and a lot of Flutter, the most downloaded and earning applications of June and many other interesting materials!

Affordable MVVM on hacked extensions

I advise you to stock up on popcorn and Coca-Cola – this is an evening show about how I did not deny myself anything, once again implementing MVVM in one of my home projects. Today is the second series: about how to make MVVM out of MVC and not step into reactivism.

MVI Architectural Template at Kotlin Multiplatform

We will implement platform-specific parts of the common module and integrate them into iOS and Android applications. As before, I assume that the reader already has basic knowledge of Kotlin Multiplatform, so I will not talk about project configurations and other things that are not related to MVI in Kotlin Multiplatform.

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(+7) How I looked for simple loops
(+3) Educational program for designers from Apple WWDC 2020 conference
Working with Nearby Interaction in iOS 14

New App Store Connect API for App Management on the App Store

No, Apple is not moving towards neomorphism

The best iOS libraries / frameworks in 2020

Amazing interactive animations

6 awesome SwiftUI libraries to use in your next project

Neomorphism on SwiftUI

Goodbye Target Actions. hi UIActions

Create simple and more modern Collection View in iOS 14+

How to create FAB in iOS on Swift

My Top 5 Xcode Tricks

We animate boring TableView in an iOS application

10 snippets with WWDC20

What’s New in UIMenu and ContextMenu in iOS 14

Working with Swift Generics: A Practical Guide to Code Reuse

Create dynamic font size UILabel in Swift 5

Drawing custom shapes using UIBezierPath

Firebase remote config in iOS

OpenMTP: file transfer from macOS to Android

Swift Sunburst Diagram: layered pie chart on SwiftUI


(+19) Animation on Android: smooth transitions of fragments inside the Bottom Sheet
(+19) Modern Android devices are safe enough and that’s why
(+9) “Comes to the first platform …” Developers Stories at Huawei’s AppGallery
(+4) What’s New in RxJava 3
Applications for the 2020 Material Design Award have begun

We optimize the build speed of your Android project

Getting started with the MVI architecture on Android

Custom Drawable

Writing a smooth code on Kotlin

Kotlin course with AR build of Android application

How to implement HyperLog on Kotlin in Android

Notifications to people

Firebase OTP authentication in Android

We implement in-app updates in Android

BaseActivity and BaseFragment – monsters

Android user activity detection using the Transition API

Jetpack Travel

TextWriter: animated text

Antimine – Minesweeper: sapper for Android


(+28) My ten years in game dev
(+15) Fear and Loathing in Game Dev: From First Steps to First Money
(+13) Flutter. Understanding How to Draw Different Shapes Using CustomClipper
(+10) Flutter. Simplify widget layout with Dart extensions
(+9) Test automation in microservice architecture
(+7) Lexoranges – what is it and how to use them to efficiently sort lists
(+4) Model-Widget-WidgetModel, or what architecture does the Flutter team use in Surf
(+2) What a good app store Xiaomi. I deleted the application from my store after the update, because it is in Russian
(+1) How to find boundaries on the client and server
(+1) Mobile device and application security: five popular attack scenarios and security methods
Facebook SDK causes apps to drop worldwide

15 video tutorials on creating apps on Flutter

make sense: About the experience of creating a product from scratch and differences in the work and skills of product and project managers

Podlodka # 171: data centers

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 8

Flutter will run on Linux

Q2 2020 Developer Economics Survey

How to become a game developer 2020

Menus, Metaphors, and Materials: Key Steps in Designing a User Interface

How to design the best buttons

How we made a delivery application for restaurants and cafes for 200 thousand rubles free

We accept payments with Google Pay via Stripe in Flutter

Learn UX: how to create a super application

Self-improvement can be the biggest challenge for developers. So how do we do this?

Prism: Flutter wallpapers

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Primetime has launched the $ 1 million prize pool at Tetris.

Pavel Durov again urged to fight with the monopoly of Apple and Google

Use mobile applications in the 2nd quarter of 2020 around the world have become 40% more

In Q2 2020, Russian users spent …

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, Russian users spent $ 328 million in applications, which is 30% more than in the first quarter of 2019. At the same time, $ 233 million was spent on mobile games. On the iOS platform, users spent 35% more than a year ago – $ 144 million, on Google Play – 30% more, $ 184 million. User spending on non-gaming applications on iOS increased by 30% to $ 67 million, while Google Play users increased their spending by 35% and spent $ 76.3 million.

Most downloaded applications in June 2020

Most earned apps in June 2020

S’More: mobile blurry dating Group launched Look-alike targeting based on data from mobile trackers

myTracker started supporting multi-platform attribution

How to use cohort analysis to reduce user churn and make better decisions

AI, Devices, IoT

(+111) Putting together an inexpensive 9.7 “E-Ink display to display anything
(+25) Embedded AntexGate computer. From prototype to mass production
(+7) Checklist for a machine learning project
(+4) How to learn Machine Learning 5 days a week, 9 months in a row
Scientists have made a glove that converts sign language to text

How I tried to copy someone else’s ERP system and got to 7 million rubles

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