The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 351 (June 29 – July 05)

In the new digest, we understand the consequences of WWDC, release applications with one button, compare the performance of cross-platform frameworks, conduct stress testing, increase application revenue and do many other interesting things!

One-button mobile app release

Today I will summarize some of the results: I’ll tell you what we have come to during this time. Long story short: any employee involved in the process can unload at least all of our applications on both platforms in a few clicks – without a headache, a lot of time, registration and SMS. So, our release engineers department for 2019 saved about 830 hours.

Flutter vs React Native vs native code: performance comparison

inVerita and her team of mobile application developers are constantly studying the performance of cross-platform mobile frameworks available on the market to answer the question of which technology is best for your product.

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(+27) Budget DI on antipatterns
(+21) Why developers refuse authorization through Apple with a fake email
(+6) BoxView – convenient autolayout for iOS
(+4) How to watch WWDC 2020 if you are not a developer
(+3) Apple WWDC 2020: what’s new in iOS testing
(+3) This year’s ARKit development and new feature in ARKit 4: Location Anchors
WWDC and Platforms State of the Union presentations available with subtitles in Russian

Apple is trying to improve Arcade game engagement

Apple named 8 winners of annual Apple Design Awards

Immerse yourself in the world of augmented reality with ARKit

When do you need to report the use of encryption in an application?

New in iOS 14: outline detection

iOS 14 App Clips

Your first complicated SwiftUI app

Introducing pure VIP architecture in Swift 5

Build Your Own CocoaPods Library

How to create widgets in iOS 14

New lifecycle and replacements for AppDelegate and SceneDelegate in SwiftUI in iOS 14

NewYorkAlert: beautiful warnings for iOS


(+12) Android Code Editor: Part 1
(+5) Taming MVI
(+5) Double click lock. Bicycle?
Huawei announces $ 1 million prize pool app contest

Introducing RainbowCake

JetPack Compose with Server Driven UI

New way to transfer data between Fragments

Dynamic gradient color change in Android

Create an Android News App in 5 Easy Steps

MVVM with Hilt, RxJava 3, Retrofit, Room, Live Data and View Binding

Quick Android Testing with Mobile Test Orchestrator

Custom Android View: Drag and Drop

Kotlin Dilemma: Extension or Member

Android PDF rendering: an easy way

Strengthening system security in Android 11

Unit Testing Custom View in Android

Battery Optimization to Avoid Doze Mode and App Standby

Package Visibility in Android 11

RainbowCake: New Android Architecture

Development with Actions Builder and Actions SDK


(+21) NewNode – decentralized CDN from FireChat developer
(+9) How we solve the problem of the lack of UI UX design in 1C using Java Script and React.js
(+6) Godot, 1000 little things
(+5) SQL query optimization or search for dangerous criminals
(+4) 6 Black Friday stress testing tips
Podlodka # 170: The Art of Simple Illustrations

Flutter Dev Podcast # 17: Flutter Day 2020

Think like a CEO: the most important skill that sets you apart from developers

Dfinity Launches Internet Computer Platform for Developers

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 7

AWS launches CodeGuru to automatically analyze code

7 testing approaches

We simplified the site to an application with a one-click action – and failed

8 rules to help you design the best card design

Return of Skeuomorphism

14 popular programs for creating animation, prototyping and interface design

Six months of monthly game creation

Simple game engine with Flutter Animations

47 key lessons for UI and UX designers

Leading a software development team

Top 20 UI Design Ideas

My experience creating an application with no-code tools

Let’s make a mobile multiplayer game on Unity

Making a music player playing in the background on Flutter

7 tools for remote teams 2020

GetStorage: fast key-value storage

Fluent System Icons: Microsoft Mobile Icons

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+6) How to work with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics?
(+6) How much does it cost to make a video about the game on your own
(+3) Materials from mitap for analysts: growth model, A / B tests, stock and delivery management
Yandex gives up to 600,000 rubles to users connected to YAN to promote applications

UsabilityLab Bank Application Availability Rating 2020

Expenditures on mobile applications in the 1st half of 2020 increased by 23.4%

TikTok suspected of espionage

TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps banned in India

Signal from the stars: Gazprom Media launched an application with a personal horoscope

How to work with oriental languages ​​on the App Store and Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

(+8) 9 key simple machine learning algorithms
(+1) Experience building a cloud-based digital kiosk monitoring solution on Azure IoT Central
Niantic makes AR-project on the board game “Colonialists”

Machine Learning Helps Save People on the Beach

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