The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 346 (May 25 – 31)

In our new post-space digest, research on iOS bugs, old iPhone icons via PWA, beta and auto testing, microinteractions, Match-3 earnings, Flutter simplicity and many other interesting materials.

Explore iOS bug with Hopper

Systematic predictive tooltips above the keyboard are a great way to reduce the number of user clicks when entering data. However, in the new version of iOS, we were surprised to find that the prompts for entering the phone number were gone.

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(+19) Swift 5.3: What’s New?
(+13) How we came up with the TableAdapter and simplified the work with UITableView
(+12) SwiftUI on the shelves: Animation. Part 1
Stanford University Course “iOS Application Development Using SwiftUI”

Icon rewind returns iPhone old icons

Jailbreak released for the latest version of iOS

Video App Builders 2020

Database Level in Runtastic iOS Applications

Create a stretchable UITableView header

Creating a note-taking application on SwiftUI from start to finish

Getting started with GraphQL and Apollo on iOS

Adding a study tour to an iOS application

6 iOS Tinder-style library libraries

Warhol: face recognition on iOS made easier

Background tasks in iOS

Configure UISearchBar for different versions of iOS

We are preparing an application for iOS 14

Writing clean code by overriding loadView ()

Create smooth lines in Google Maps

How SwiftUI DSL Works

Material Design Search UI iOS: Beautiful Search


(+8) Like we did not blockchain
(+4) Gesture management: handling gesture conflicts. Part 3
Android Studio 4.0 released

How to make friends with Gradle

Google created Soli Sandbox to test radar in Pixel 4

As a novice Android developer, upgrade your skills: 5 open source projects to learn

Recognizing text from photos using the ML Kit in Android

Modern security in Android

How to consistently combine adapters in Android

Introduction to MotionLayout on Android

Android user session management

Android Navigation Component

A custom simple interpolator for animating motion in Android

Activity Results API: Best Way to Transfer Data Between Activities

Android Navigation Component – expectations, conclusions and tips

9 reasons why I quit mobile development

Building an Android App on Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native

TransformationLayout: Transition Animations for Android

COVID-19 App: Contact Tracking Apps


(+23) Instead of 100 application launches? one autotest, or how to save a QA engineer 20 years of life
(+18) How Medusa organized a beta test of a new application with readers and didn’t screw it up
(+16) Military and intelligence personnel can be tracked using Untappd Beer app
(+16) Raymarching distance fields: explanation and implementation in Unity
(+15) Better do it yourself: how we made the inhouse mobile app
(+11) Scalable architecture for large mobile applications
(+10) Test projects without pain. Yandex Report
(+8) Book Review: Golden Krishna. “Good interface – invisible interface”
(+7) Writing a turn-based PvP arena with simultaneous moves
(+6) My Top Free Developer Tools
(+6) QA and its role in creating resources for people with disabilities
(+6) Flavors Organization at Flutter
(+5) How Apple and Google Employees Help Healthcare Officials Track Coronavirus Together
(+3) Authentication – CUSTOM SETUP / AWS Amplify + React Native
(+1) The feedback you don’t give is as significant as the one you give
(0) Unity Terrane and Mesh Blending
Podlodka # 165: WebAssembly

6 productivity tips for programmers

Tencent invests $ 70 billion in infrastructure

How Flutter Applications Make Business Easier

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 3

Why most mobile app development projects fail

The head of Google plans to continue to collaborate with Apple

EA published Command & Conquer sources

How microinteractions in the interface affect user interaction

When a bad UX is good

Scaling application or widget content to fit the entire screen in Flutter

Hack Google Interview Coding

Create a cross-platform image classifier with Flutter and TensorFlow Lite

Mistakes I Made as a Junior Developer

Creating a bedroom business: $ 98,130 and 11 months

Creating a Bit Machine on Flutter

Simple pull-down refresh and pull-up loading on Flutter

We program as in NASA – 10 critical rules

20 psychological principles that can be used in product design

How I built a gaming platform for real-time communication in a month

Bad design decisions make you lose money

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+5) Why they show the conditional interface of the application instead of the real one in the commercials: six reasons
(+3) Using Raw Data in Google Analytics in practice
Newzoo: 80% of players eat or drink during games

GameRefinery: Match-3 games received 21% of the total market revenue

Guide: how to make text ASO quickly and efficiently

Facebook released CatchUp dialer

How coronavirus has affected the mobile gaming market

Google Maps Availability and Work for User Groups

Gamification of business applications

How to get started with ASO and what’s important to consider

AI, Devices, IoT

(+76) How alive: our experience editing old photos
(+24) C # Machine Learning: An Introduction to ML.NET
(+17) iPhone SE: One-eyed King?
(+7) IoT in my life. How to create a smart office, as well as track the growth of potatoes in your apartment thanks to IoT
make sense: about the device of the Internet of things and its practical application

Roni Abowitz will cease to be CEO of Magic Leap

The first Russian-language online master’s program in Data Science is launched

WebVR website case study: rake, solutions and insights

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