The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 344 (May 12 – 17)

In our new digest, the new “Jellyfish” application on Flutter, non-trivial animations, rewriting the Snapchat application, the new Unreal Engine, application revenue and many other interesting materials.

New application “Jellyfish”. Why flutter?

Why so long? Why not native apps? Why Flutter? All this is told by the technical director of Medusa Boris Goryachev.

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(+18) Nontrivial animations in SwiftUI
(+10) 14 things an iOS developer must know
(+5) Navigating between views using @EnvironmentObject in SwiftUI
(+3) Convolutional neural network and its integration in iOS (part 2)
(+3) Escape from the Zoo or how I did casual game for iOS
iOS developer. Advanced?..

Apple Search Ads: launch, testing, scaling

Source Code Walkthrough of Telegram-iOS: Telegram Code Overview

How to add badge beta to application icon

Create a weather app using SwiftUI and Weatherstack

Stop using boolean values ​​in your Swift code

How to animate Auto Layout Constraints

Creating a Server-Driven UI Using UI Components in SwiftUI

How to make Web Crawler on Swift

How to use GraphQL with Apollo and SwiftUI

Create reactive MVVM architecture in Swift 5

Animating a thermometer with CoreAnimation

How to create a cross-platform iOS and macOS chat application using Stream

How to make your Swift app in iOS 13 work with NFC tags

OSSSpeechKit: voice input and output


(+32) Brain rx
(+8) Customize the layout of the external keyboard on Android without root
(+8) Qt on Android: how we gave a second life to an author meditation application
Android Broadcast # 17: how to make $ 1,000,000 on your apps

It works – don’t touch: how Snapchat rewrote its Android application

New filters appear on Google Play Search

Google Play Launches Change the Game Design Challenge

Mastering the Android Touch System

Using the NFC API on Android? Double check your code

An easy way to implement On-Board Slider with ViewPager2 in Android

Stop using Post / PostDelayed in your Android View

Android 2020 ecosystem cheat sheet

Speeding up Android Espresso testing by grouping relevant tests

Android MotionLayout: easy Twitter splash screen creation

Notally: minimalistic notepad for Android


(+81) Unreal Engine 5 sets the bar for gaming realism
(+22) Which is better: confirmation of the action or the possibility of its cancellation?
(+18) How I stopped being afraid and wrote a game bot
(+18) Publish VKUI component design library in Figma
(+17) We have reduced the time for developing a new scenario for publishing an advertisement from 6 days to 42 seconds
(+16) Flutter under the hood
(+15) MVI Architectural Template in Kotlin Multiplatform, Part 1
(+14) The designer is not the one who paints beautifully, this is the one who helps the business understand the user
(+12) How mods for Unity games are developed. Part 2: writing your mod
(+11) A new GOST for digital resources came into force: all platforms should be accessible for people with disabilities
(+10) Accessibility How to make the application accessible to users with disabilities
(+7) Testing Trends in 2020
(+4) Custom mobile app development is inexpensive: reality or illusion
(+3) React Native – save photos and videos to the device gallery
(+2) How to learn to test software
Radio QA # 59: stress and burnout

Radio QA # 60: Artificial Intelligence

Podlodka # 163: tech blogging

HackerEarth 2020 Developer Study

IT spending in 2020 will be reduced by 8%

Kite, augmenting AI code, launches paid plan and JavaScript support

All you need to know about dropdowns

4 methods of visual feedback in interfaces

Why can’t users remember our interfaces? About the mask effect in design

Emotional Interface Design

CI / CD Automation for Mobile Development from the Ground Up

How to make a calendar application

GitTouch: working with GitHub on Flutter

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(0) Interview with Analyst – Alexander Sibrikov, Product Manager at AppMetrica
App Samurai Grants Grants to Applications Helping Users

Public: mobile social investment

AppLovin buys Machine Zone

Application revenue in May rose 8%

Peanut: social network for women

How to monetize Chinese users?

Most earned apps in April 2020

25 User Loyalty Metrics: Part 1

AI, Devices, IoT

(+18) Accelerating the implementation of AI projects in the Segezha forest holding
(+13) ESP-NOW is an alternative communication protocol for ESP8266 and ESP32. Basic concepts
(+12) Internet of Things Trends: AI Answers Calls, Clouds and 5G Tame Big Data, Housing and Utilities – Leader in Innovation
(+5) Mobile eye-tracking on PyTorch
(+2) Whether VR awaits Microsoft Kinect or is it the future of gaming – let’s talk together
Apple Confirms NextVR Purchase

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