The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 324 (November 24 – December 1)

In our new collection, thinking with the SwiftUI style, animation library, Huawei without Google services, testing in Airbnb, the most popular design tools and interfaces for seniors, micro-sessions and mobile finance.

How to get into the Apple Arcade? Interview with the founders of the Tortuga Team studio

The game and Russian developers – the first and so far the only ones – got into the starter kit of Apple Arcade. The studio is called the Tortuga Team and is known mainly for the Bravelands turn-based series: battles, dungeons, magic, ships, and that’s all. The new game is called Spaceland, its action takes place on an abandoned planet. You play as a space ranger, and most of all it looks like a highly accelerated X-COM.

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(+5) Change your mindset with SwiftUI
(0) API for remote asynchronous fetching using Apple Combine
• Animation library for iOS – Lottie, Hero and Spring
Availability in SwiftUI
Quick remake of projects in Xcode
How we used Firebase Audiences for A / B testing of onboarding in iOS application
Modern networking in Swift 5
Create an Apple-like screensaver in SwiftUI
Hack SwiftUI for unit testing and runtime verification
Do not stop the music in your iOS application
Say “Index out of range” in Swift for now
UIKit, SwiftUI, LiveView – how to use Live Preview in UIKit
How to programmatically make UIs and transitions without SwiftUI
SwiftUICharts: Interactive Graphics for iOS
5 iOS libraries to enhance your application


(+21) From the web to the app in one DeepLink
(+15) How can we help you? How can you help us?
(+9) Introduction to Kotlin Context-Oriented Programming
(+5) Benchmarking ORM used to create Android applications
Android Push Notifications
• Huawei begins selling Mate 30 Pro without Google services
Add the “Sign in with Apple” button to the Android application
Why Discord Refuses to Support Android 4
Tested by Time: Unit Testing Guide
Best Android Testing at Airbnb
Fingerprint Authentication Using Android’s Biometric API
How to use Alarm Manager and Broadcast Receiver in Android
Google just, after 10 years of operation, closed my publisher account in one hour
Using Coroutines and Flow with MVVM Architecture
Android multithreading: threads, user interface, garbage collector, memory leaks and more
MaterialDialog: animated dialogs for Android
EasyReveal: beautiful transitions between screens


(+48) Eternal classic: what modern action games should learn from DOOM
(+20) How to write a sapper in Phaser and run an HTML5 developer test task
(+16) Smartphone instead of data collection terminal
(+13) React Native – a silver bullet for all problems? How did we choose a cross-platform tool for
(+9) Development of a mobile application without a server
(+7) Game development on social networks
(+4) Basic UI / UX patterns
(+3) Experience implementing fastlane to automate all phases of a mobile CI / CD
• Podlodka # 138: SRE
• Podlodka # 139: How to read books
• Giza DG # 29: Should players' opinions influence development?
Most popular programming languages ​​2014-2019
• Application on order: how the customer can work with an external team
• Best mobile app design tools 2019
• US employers most in demand technical skills
• VKontakte has announced a contest of mini-applications
• Interface Design Guide for Seniors
• Improving the user experience of micro-sessions in mobile applications
• Product manager: how to look at the old interface with a fresh look, where to look for inspiration and what to read at your leisure
No time, no budget, no problem: completing The First Tree
Stop using For to iterate over arrays
5 developer productivity hacks
10 things that helped me become a better designer
How To Make A Good Code Review
How to create a cross-platform serverless application for sharing video with Flutter, Firebase and Publitio
How to show real weather in Unity (using REST API)
How to become a star developer
S.O.L.I.D explanation in 5 minutes
5 great ideas for the Gmail user interface

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+15) Multiple Experiments: Theory and Practice
(+13) How to regain control and reduce dependence on smartphones and notifications
(+8) Monetization Designer: who he is and how to become one
• Adjust and App Annie have released “Mobile Finance Report – 2019”
• The app will warn pedestrians about approaching cars
• Loom: corporate Instagram
• Candy Crush Soda Saga earned $ 2 billion
• Microsoft Math Solver: solve the equation by photo
• Facebook Viewpoints will pay for polls
• Mobile App Market Trends 2019 – Liftoff Report
• The most earning applications with a subscription in the 3rd quarter of 2019
• Kidmost: we have collected all the children's activities in Moscow in one application
Game Marketing Guide Without a Budget
How to create a website for your indie game: a step-by-step guide

AI, Devices, IoT

(+7) AI-based IntelliSense for your code
• Amazon simplifies Alexa adoption

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