The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 322 (November 11 – 17)

This digest contains materials about user interfaces and UX, Droidcon London and XCFrameworks, reversal of mobile 1C, problems of monetization and many other issues of application development, marketing and monetization.

30-point UX checklist for mobile apps

This article is a reminder about what you need to double-check in the design of your application before sending it to AppStore / GooglePlay.

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(+8) Xcode 11 and XCFrameworks: a new framework packaging format
(+7) Smart lamp
(+7) Auto-renewable subscription levels in iOS app
(+6) IOS killer: jailbreak using checkra1n in questions and answers
(+3) SwiftUI: making Expandable / Collapsible sections in List view
• Apple released a health research application
How to create a video editor in AVFoundation
Core Data and App Extensions: Sharing a Single Database
Protocol-based themes in iOS apps
Introduction to PencilKit on iOS
Dark Mode Backward Compatibility on iOS
How to create continuous "rain" of particles in SpriteKit
Classification of movie reviews using the NaturalLanguage framework
Testing universal links in iOS
Sound classification on iOS using Core ML 3 and Create ML
Reusable image cache in Swift
Clickable link in UILabel or TextView on Swift
How to port an iOS app to MacOS using Catalyst
Clean architecture for SwiftUI
Cat and Dog Classifier for iOS using Vision in 5 minutes
Swiftui Recipes App: Recipe app on SwiftUI


(+26) Droidcon London 2019: new trends and the most interesting reports
(+10) We reverse mobile 1C under Android. How to add a little functionality and ditch a few evenings
(+4) Measuring Android app code quality with Sonarqube and Jacoco in 2019
(+3) Organization of simple architecture in an Android application with a bunch of ViewModel + LiveData, Retrofit + Coroutines
• On Google Play, they choose the best application and game of 2019
Google does not support Android AsyncTask API in Android 11
Optimize Nested RecyclerView
How to programmatically take a screenshot on Android: a comprehensive guide
Using Nearby Connection API
KPI Guide for Google Play Apps and Games: Acquiring and Retaining New Users
Dagger Tricks: Private Dependencies
Firebase text recognition in Android
The best Android Recycler Adapter you've ever seen. Probably
WeChat Login Integration Tips & Tricks
MVVM on Android with Architecture Components + Koin
Shortcut: quick action for Android app
IndicatorScrollView: Animated List
Falcon: a thread-safe, lightweight and simple library for caching serializable objects


(+7) User Interface Design Techniques That Save Time
(+6) MVC in Unity with Scriptable Objects. Part 1
• Python overtook Java and became the second most popular language on GitHub
• Podlodka # 137: Toxicity
• GitHub releases mobile applications
• Charity Sale Humble Unreal Engine Game Development Bundle
• Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat make WebAssembly a universal platform
• Bill Gates distracted and Windows Mobile lost Android
• How to change the hatched logo and not screw it up
Stop using i ++ in your loops
What do novice programmers need to know?
2020: state of UX / UI design
5 terrific app interfaces for selling cars
Creating a simple application with Flutter and GraphQL
Drawing density graphs in Flutter
70 years of “Hello, World!” With 50 programming languages
10 practical rules for user interface design

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+12) The Monetization Problem: Why the Popular App Store Deletes Open Source Utilities
(+8) Case from RetouchMe: what we got from localizing the application in 35 languages
• Advertising revenue of AR and VR applications reached $ 11 billion by 2024
• Wappier receives $ 4 million for AI marketing
• Minecraft Earth earned in several countries
• The 17th Developer Economics Report Released
• AirCam: photos from events
• At IBM Watson made a “cold forecast”
• Homescapes became a billionaire
• A future that is not for digital
• HedzApp – a mobile application for connecting parents with children
Understanding Product Launch in Developer Tools Market

AI, Devices, IoT

(+10) 50 UX Tips in Virtual Reality
(+9) 6 points of application for the industrial Internet of things
(+7) Amazon AI makes it easy to tackle user-obscene content
Motorola introduced the new “clamshell” Razr with a flexible screen </ a

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