The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 297 (May 6 – 12)

After a long weekend we return with a new digest. It includes I / O and Build, PWA, Flutter and React Native, limitations and processing, UX and animation.

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In the future, there will be only one .NET, and you can use it for development for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, WebAssembly and other platforms.

How to make an application out of a site and put it on Google Play in a few hours

Probably all people close to web development have already heard about Progressive Web App. Still would! This technology has practically equalized web and mobile development in terms of product distribution and user involvement.

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(+7) Timer in iOS
(+4) “Factory Method” and “Abstract Factory” in the Swift and iOS Universe
(+4) Add dependencies with DITranquility
• Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard: Apple's first game in 11 years
• Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs released on iOS
Accelerate iOS Development: Complex UIViews with Decorators
A / B testing with Firebase


(+36) Google News I / O 2019: Pixel 3a, Android Q, Kotlin, etc.
(+18) Manage Android device
(+16) How I struggled with the Shared Element Transition and wrote my first opensource library
(+13) Top 17 plug-ins for Android Studio
(+4) Jetpack compose
• New features of Google Play Console
• Google updated Android version distribution data
• Winners Google Play Award
• New Android Auto Interface
imageVideo Android Makers 2019
Android streams and cortices for beginners
In-App Messaging with Firebase
Android Q Scoped Storage: best practices and updates
Architectural charts for Android applications
Why Kotlin sucks
Android Data Binding + ListAdapter


(+19) “Paying attention to issues of accessibility, you get extremely loyal users”: interview with John Fox (Netflix)
(+16) How we consider the metrics of development and support of documentation. Yandex report
(+13) About the difficulties when porting Dead Cells to mobile platforms
(+2) Machine Learning in Mobile Development: Perspectives and Decentralization
• Flutter goes to all devices.
• React Native for Windows
• Microsoft IntelliCode out of preview version
• UX in game development
• Podlodka # 109: Theory of Constraints
• Pro processing
Sharing code between iOS and Android using J2ObjC
GMessage: How to Fix Google Email Madness – UX Research
Fine art of rapid development
Mobile Test Automation with AWS Device Farm
The Ultimate UX Animation Guide
Microsoft's Fluent design system has become cross-platform
How to write good code under pressure
650 free online summer courses
Serverless is the fastest way for a startup to test its idea.
How I made my first React Native application for my first client.
Top 10 skills for developers in 2019
UI / UX trends 2019
SAM, self-shelter application: UX research

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• TripScout wants to be an everyday travel app.
• Asto: mobile accounting for small businesses
• Three friends from Chelyabinsk turned the application development studio for VKontakte into a business with a turnover of 198 million rubles a year
imageApp Store Optimization Winning Strategies
The end of app stores is fast approaching

AI, Devices, IoT

(+54) The speaking prefix to the washing machine which is not breaking a guarantee
(+21) TensorFlow for beginners. Part 1: general information, library installation
(+18) We teach the neural network to play "Snake" and write a server for the competition.

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