The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 350 developer (on June 22 – 28)

In this release, of course, we have a lot of materials with WWDC – App Clips, widgets, the new Xcode, macOS Big Sur, changes in StoreKit, UIKit and SwiftUI. In addition to them, stylization, useful innovations, logistics, animations and much more.

Most Important From Apple’s WWDC’20 Conference

Tonight was the 1st Apple Developer Conference – for the first time completely online. In this report, we listed the most significant innovations that were presented by the company employees for their operating systems and devices.

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(+16) Testing StoreKit on Xcode 12 and iOS 14
(+15) SwiftUI 2020. What has changed?
(+10) How and what to prepare for an interview for a novice iOS developer and not only
(+6) iOS in-app purchases: configuration and adding to the project
(+5) Performances and presentations in the style of Apple: the example of WWDC20
iOS 14 allows you to receive notifications of important sounds

Core ML can now be encrypted and updated regardless of application

Download data in iOS in Background mode

What’s New in Xcode 12

Shopping Testing and Family Subscription: IAP Update with WWDC

Apple missed Hey on the App Store and changes moderation policy

Create widgets with WidgetKit

Apple introduced App Clips gadgets

Apple Launches Universal Application Development Support Program

Apple introduces macOS Big Sur

watchOS 7: new settings and features for those who monitor health

Apple unveils new iPhone features with iOS 14

iPadOS 14: new features designed specifically for the iPad

What iOS developers think about Mac switching to Apple processors and other WWDC 2020 announcements

Draw in 3D using SwiftUI

iOS 14: important changes in UIKit

Automate screenshots in iOS with Bitrise and Fastlane

Chain animation in Swift

We create SwiftUI + Core ML game for iOS

How to animate images in Swift

How Apple makes soft-UI the future


(+9) Styling Android applications and the design system: how to do it and make friends with one another
(+3) Android and 3D camera. Face recognition with Fraud protection
(0) Code base. Extending RecyclerView
ARCore Depth API open to all

Google Innovation Winners

Android Broadcast: all the secrets of MVI

Huawei released HMS Core 5.0

Making secure Android apps

Migrating from Retrofit to Ktor

Introducing a dark theme into your Android app

How to create a REST API for your application using Spring Boot, Kotlin and Gradle

Create a scalable navigation system in Android

A refined and flexible Progress View for Android

Template for my Android project

Android bifurcation

Merge Adapter: merge lists in Android

Mastering Android Design Templates with Kotlin

Creating a RecyclerView adapter that can be used with any data and any view

Wizard Camera: effects for photos on OpenGL

Checked Android App: ToDo on Kotlin

CornerSheet: expandable window


(+54) How we saved time for couriers. Logistics in Yandex.Food
(+26) Creating shader animation in Unity
(+21) Mobile antiviruses do not work
(+15) UI / UX analysis on the example of a prototype in Figma and basic principles
(+7) We create a progressive web application on ReactJS and place it in Netlify and PWA Store
(+7) How Selenium Works: Episodes 3 – 5
(+6) Usability Testing A to Z: A Detailed Guide
(+3) Mobile app development: how is the price formed?
(+3) UX / UI DESIGN: you cannot just take and draw a screen
Podlodka # 169: layoffs

AWS launches Amazon Honeycode app designer

Unity Made All Premium Courses Free

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 6

ML Kit becomes a separate product

Serious UX Mistakes That May Lower Your Sales

My 10 year journey in game development

13 of my favorite UI / UX resources

Quick navigation in Flutter with Get

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+1) Localization of mobile applications: the main difficulties and life hacks
(0) Retrieving Amplitude Data via API
Classmates paid the creators of mobile games more than 360 million rubles

myTarget has expanded the ability to purchase video ads in Rewarded and Interstitial video formats

9 Ways to Improve Accuracy of Income Forecast

Kaia Health: app-guided physiotherapy

TikTok Invests $ 50 Million in Educational Content

Application for children: from idea to launch

Five life hacks to optimize the application on the App Store and Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

(+19) From AI to VR: how industry and retail use new technologies
(+15) Managing Yandex.Station and other columns with Alice from Home Assistant
(+10) The experience of building a smart home on the Raspberry Pi and the open platform OpenHAB. Part 1
(+9) HMI based on Node-red and
(+3) What does the NB-IoT DevKit Development Kit consist of?

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