The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 349 developer (on June 15 – 21)

In the new digest, we again deal with dark themes, with Apple’s monopoly, with the recent release of Android 11 and testing difficulties, with UX borders and download scaling.

Mobile development: individually or as a team?

From the point of view of methodology, there is an interesting detail in educational projects: we use two approaches in training – individual and team. Some teachers build the curriculum based on tight teamwork, while others, on the contrary, rely on the individual work of each student.

Dark theme vs Light theme: which is better?

But, leaving aside the discussion about the aesthetics of a dark topic, is it really good for the eyes? Does a dark theme really increase productivity with text? Raluca Budiu of the Nielsen Norman Group provides comprehensive answers.

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(+9) simctl: control Apple simulators through a terminal
(+3) Sign in with Apple – Deadline June 30
(0) HorizontalList using SwiftUI
(0) SwiftUI on the shelves: Animation, part 2 – timings
Apple has opened a new forum for developers

The creators of the mail client Hey accused Apple of extortion + Match Group and Epic Games support trial with Apple

App Store app turnover exceeded $ 500 billion in 2019

CAGradientLayer Explanation

6 Core Data Performance Tips

How to process images from an iOS camera in real time

How to implement Dynamic Loader with Lottie and Firebase

Build your own button library from scratch in SwiftUI

MemoryLayout in Swift

Create awesome loading indicators using SwiftUI

HorizonCalendar: Airbnb Calendar

MultiProgressView: Animated Progress Bars


(+15) Android 11 Beta and Developer Updates
(+18) Litho: best practices for creating an effective UI in Android
(+6) How to disable the warning about the dangers of long listening to audio (Android)
(+5) Android Camera2 API from the teapot, part 6. Stream video – first encoded, now decode
(+5) MVP for Android – the benefits of using Moxy as a helper library
(+4) We configure GitHub Actions for Android with the subsequent deployment in PlayMarket
(+1) How and why do we use several map engines in inDriver
(+1) Android Development: Career Review for May 2020
Following Android 11 Beta

Exploring the New Google Play Console: A Big Step Forward

Google Play Billing Library Version 3 Released

Start on Android with Dmitry Vinogradov

Choosing the right layout for Android

AndroidX: App Startup

Exploring Android Dependency Injection – Dagger, Koin, and Kodein

Practical Guide for OutOfMemoryError Solution in Android Application

Why do we need a Jetpack Compose?

WebRTC on Android: how to enable hardware encoding on multiple devices

What’s New in Android Studio System Trace

Making a snooker for Android with physics-based animations

Introducing Pixel: New Kotlin Image Upload Library for Android

Amaz Timer: smartwatch timer

Meow Framework: MVVM and material design


(+28) How we outweighed the mechanics of ballistic calculation for a mobile shooter with a network delay compensation algorithm
(+21) Organization-wide reuse of UI components
(+15) How to reduce the registration of damage under compulsory motor liability insurance from a few days to 60 minutes
(+14) Olya, tests and factory – the path to beautiful architecture and clean code
(+5) Async / await in Unity
(+3) Do you want to be given the correct design task? Help the product put it
(+2) How to eliminate blind spots with visual testing
(+2) Training smart gaming rivals in Unity using the “play with yourself” method using ML-Agents
(+1) Tester masks (questions for a successful transition to a tester personality disorder)
Podlodka # 168: gamification of processes

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 5

5 services for managing mobile subscriptions

You are not google

Overly complicated? Too easy? Effective UX Border

8 Tips for Improving Your Interface Quickly

How to make ui animation natural and pleasing to the eye: physical laws in interface animation in practice

Swift or Kotlin – which is better?

Adding Cloud Object Detection to Home Camera System

Classic mistakes made by every developer

How to hide your API keys

10 ideas from Apple’s user interface design guide

Redesign of a banking application with neomorphism

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(0) Fast Lifehack for Application Growth – ASO in Other Languages
How I scaled the application from 0 to 100,000 downloads without a single dollar spent

Mobile stores show an incredible level of involvement – sales in 2020 increased by 40%

Google launched a counterpart to Pinterest – the Keen social network

FAS refused to soften the pre-installation of Russian applications

Study: the volume of the Russian mobile games market grew by 49% in 2019

ASO application audit and universal recommendations

myTarget added new metrics in campaign analytics

The Pokemon Company teaches children to brush their teeth with Pokemon Smile

Spike receives $ 8 million to make email look like chat

Multiformat, square and vertical video: the best mobile ad formats for setting

Antikeys: why the number of conversions diverges in Google Ads and in analytics for iOS-application

What affects the position of the application in the App Store and Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

(+123) The hardest task in Computer Vision
(+46) ABBYY NeoML: How We Made The Machine Learning Library And Why We Need It
(+37) How to understand that a neural network will solve your problem. Pragmatic leadership
(+37) A full cycle of device creation and work with factories in China. Yandex Report
(+19) Antiquities: Decade of Apple iPad
(+14) Event2Mind for the Russian language. How we taught the model to read between the lines and understand the intentions of the interlocutor
(+8) Smart home in a smart city
Huawei became the first in the smartphone market for the first time

Is it possible to remove 99% of the neural network without loss of accuracy?

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