The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 348 developer (on June 8 – 14)

Our new digest tells about the strange search for viruses in the application for learning a foreign language, about the use of Kotlin and automation of localization, about the best interfaces and goalkeepers for rent.

The history of one lock and unlock on Google Play

We suggested that, in the context of the authorities’ decisions to combat fake news about the virus, the store team is reinsured and proactively and automatically bans all cases that at least somehow fit a certain algorithm. It was also clear that some mention of COVID could get into our materials.

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Apple Introduces WWDC20

Apple will transfer computers to its own ARM-processors

• Developers outside the US complain about problems with signing up and renewing the Apple Developer Program
We create an iOS application with positive news, using the capabilities of machine learning

Create your own template in Xcode and reduce development time

SwiftUI: Mapbox SDK Integration

Draw in iOS using CAShapeLayer

Augmented Reality on Swift 5 – How to Get Started

5 iOS libraries that will make your application more stylish

Reusable pop-ups and alerts in iOS

Create a simple progress bar that can be added to any application

Learning SwiftUI Will Make You a Better Programmer

Analysis of open source iOS applications

How to apply conditional view modifiers in SwiftUI

Overview of pointers in Swift

Improve your workflow with UIKit and Swift Live Previews

FSPagerView: an elegant slider


(+26) Spring Boot, Hibernate and Kotlin for beginners step by step
(+4) Practical use of Kotlin in startups and enterprises
Android Dev Podcast # 115. news

Android 11 first beta released

Google Play Asset Delivery Open to Everyone

Mobile People Talks: Jetpack Compose – Inside Look

How to make a calendar app for Android

How to animate and plot charts using Android Interpolator

Creating Scrum Poker Applications Using MotionLayout

7 major programming languages ​​for developing Android applications

Making Rotary Grips on Kotlin

Android Studio: Layout Inspector

Kotlin and Exceptions

Dark mode in Kotlin Android app

Dependency Injection on Android with Hilt

Kotlin Symbol Processing: First Thoughts

Important changes in Android Studio 4.0

Simple Dialer: dialer for Android

Compose Academy: Exploring Jetpack Compose

Trinity: short videos for Android


(+20) or how we automated flow localization
(+16) Rendering optimization for Mobile. Part 3. Shaders
(+12) 20 platforms for making money on testing
(+11) QA process in Miro: rejection of the waterfall and manual testing, transfer of responsibility for quality to the whole team
(+11) United Kingdom launches an application that monitors your social circle: how it will work and when it will be available
(+10) Is beautiful more comfortable than ugly? Research Overview
(+7) How to make a custom web or mobile project from scratch: processes, rules and a little blood
(+5) SSL pinning in Flutter
(+5) Native development vs cross-platform – should I choose?
(0) React Native: Push Notifications with AWS Amplify
The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020 study by JetBrains

Snapchat launches widgets inside chat

make sense: about a bunch of product – communication, narrative and perceived essence

Podlodka # 167: Compilers

LOVEMOBILE # 06: Publisher with 101XP

9 Tips to Quickly Improve Your User Interface Design

Application Design: Examples for Inspiration # 4

Skills reception for Marousi has opened

10 NASA Rules for Writing Critical Code

Mobile application on Flutter. Cost, timing, pitfalls. Part 1

How to properly integrate user and market research into your product team

Application designer: how to create and pass on a dark theme

BindingX: native development without native development

How noise reduction works in Google Meet

10 new and promising trends in interface design

How to record automated tests for mobile applications

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+4) How to promote mobile games and applications in Japan, Korea and China
In Brazil, made the application “Goalkeeper for rent”

“What about retargeting in attachments? 2020 ”: AppsFlyer report

Axiom: enterprise data analysis

Sberbank buys 2GIS

Sheckaso is looking for applications for free ASO audit

Hyper-casual games growth in Q1 2020: djust and Unity report

Drop raised $ 13.3 million for smart kitchen platform

myTarget has expanded the campaign attribution tools

The effect of coronavirus on advertising costs: AB study

AppsFlyer gives you free access to your tools

The Russian IT services market will shrink by a third

Tajir: an online store for offline stores

Guide: how to make text ASO fast and efficient?
Tudurant is a task manager that makes a primitive brain work.

AI, Devices, IoT

(+35) People break down on logic, robots – on everything a little. Russian exams for NLP models
(+30) How we abandoned the neural networks, and then returned them to the Yandex rain forecast
(+17) Apartment automation
Snap Launches Third-Party ML Models in its Lenses

AI training cost drops 100 times in 2 years

How I passed the TensorFlow Developer Certification Exam

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