The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 347 developer (on June 1 – 7)

In this issue, the splendor and poverty of the key-value database, adaptive design based on StackView, HMS eyes, retro games and new architectures, adequate onboarding and inadequate trackers in children’s applications.

Shine and poverty key-value database LMDB in applications for iOS

The main database for persistent storage of application state has become a very exotic Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) for the mobile world. Under cat you are invited to its detailed review in four parts.

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Responsive design in iOS with UIStackView

In iOS 14, a built-in translator will appear

How to fix the 5 most popular bugs in iOS applications

Why is the UIResponder.Keyboard Notification Handler animated?

We implement components of the design system on iOS

6 Swift Code Writing Methods

Creating an application icon on SwiftUI

Swift 5.3 – moving in the direction of productivity and quality

Create a 1-on-1 video chat with SwiftUI and

7 awesome SwiftUI open source projects to inspire you

Quick start with SwiftUI

Three debugging tools that solve 99% of problems in an iOS application

My Wish List for WWDC ’20

Identify Emotion with Apple Technologies

Sign In With Apple – Node.JS backend for iOS developers

UGrid: Beautiful CollectionView

Upcoming Movies App: New Movies on Swift


(+37) Look into the eyes of the dragon: 10 questions for Huawei Mobile Services
(+3) Why am I not using SharedViewModel for fragments?
Google has removed the Indian application to remove Chinese applications

Swift on Android for sharing code

Solving a word search game with Firebase ML Kit and Huawei ML Kit

Duolingo completed the migration to Kotlin and reduced the number of lines of code by 30%

Hilt: first impression

New Android Results API and how to use it to make your code cleaner

Android MVI with Kotlin Coroutines & Flow

Creating an Onboarding Stream with MotionLayout

10 tips to speed up Gradle build time

Compose academy

Android Material Component: Create Gmail-style Navigation Drawer

Android Network Data Security Tutorial

Fullscreen Intent Notifications

Find the lighthouse and not lose it: my journey into the world of BLE on Android

Raw Draw Android: Android apps in C

Vortex: live data-driven wallpaper


(+22) React Native architecture redesigned in 2020
(+22) Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020: a new contest and useful resources for developers
(+16) Avokado project
(+14) Implementing the Fog of War from Civilization VI to Unity
(+7) Release train. Yandex Report
(+4) Development, optimization and release of Synthety games on Unity
(+3) How Selenium Works: Episodes 1 – 2
(+2) Top 9 Trends in Automated Testing in 2020
make sense: on building relationships with the development team and the importance of technical skills

Flutter Dev Podcast # 16: Meduza

Podlodka # 166: negotiations

Interview Developer Guide

6 powerful tools for Mac developers

How mobile developers feel during a crisis: personal experience of Vitaly Dubinin (iD EAST)

Firebase Live Online Conference

Coursera has opened free access for students

Google made an AR app for maintaining social distance

Why Flutter’s mobile app is a good idea for business in 2020

Top 9 JS engines and libraries for games in 2020

Design adequate onboarding

Detailed Design Guide for Text Boxes and Forms

Please give junior UX designers a chance

What is Low-Code Development

No one told me that UX will be like that

Daily activities to help you become a better developer

Fortnite is Jira for kids

How creating your own product can make you an experienced developer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+17) How we analyze pizza and your taste
(+2) Monetization in online games: how to use someone else’s experience for your own needs
FTC fined HyperBeard for using ad network trackers in children’s apps

The most earning applications in May 2020

The most downloaded applications in May 2020

Zoom will only provide encryption to paid users

Lili: mobile bank for freelancers

Gismart offers musicians advancement in hyper-casual games

YouTube has become the number 1 source of information about games for children

FAN and AppsFlyer Unveil First Campaign Performance Tool

Korean “neighbor” marketplace Karrot received $ 33 million

HBO Max and Bumble Unveil Personal Life

Biloba: vaccination schedule

Application Optimization Checklist for Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

(+22) OpenCV and Tensorflow Squat Detector
(+20) No need to learn Machine Learning
(+14) We analyze the masterpieces of painting with the help of classic ML
(+12) When to write your IoT platform is more profitable than buying a ready-made
(+5) Recognition of the Russian alphabet: from collecting a dataset to creating a GUI
(+3) Machine learning: where to start or how to build the first model

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