The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 342 developer (on April 20 – 26)

Another digest for mobile developers – we talk about endless scrolling, about erroneous map bindings, about updates and losses, A / B testing and a reduction in advertising revenue.

Infinite scroll with banners, or How to do with three views

Each developer for mobile platforms is constantly faced with a task that cannot be solved in one single way. There are always several ways, some quick, some complicated, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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(+13) Error is not UIAlertController
(+10) Build Time Optimization – Part 1
(+6) AppCode 2020.1: performance improvements, auto-completion to the end of indexing, documentation generation and much more
(+3) CoreData model from the code. Or “How to Do Without .XCDataModel” (Part 1)
(0) IOS field validation – quick and easy
2 critical vulnerabilities detected in iOS

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sign in with Apple

New iPhone SE caused a boom in demand

Spectacular rainbow animation on SwiftUI

How to make a multi-line text box in SwiftUI

Slider Collection for SwiftUI

Using TensorFlow.js in an iOS app to detect objects

SwiftUI notification banner

Function Builders in Swift and SwiftUI

Returning users to the app: deep links in iOS

Distributing compiled static Swift libraries and Swift static frameworks

GraphQL, Combine, and SwiftUI

Dependency injection in iOS on Swift with Swinject and SwinjectStoryboard

Proton: Best UITextView


(+4) PSA AndroidStudio
(+4) Android in an industrial controller
(+3) Backend-Driven UI with widgets
(+3) Get and switch WebVTT subtitles in ExoPlayer
We embed In-App Updates in the application

The third preview version of Android 11 has been released

Android Broadcast # 14: Android Avito infrastructure in Open Source

Android Broadcast # 13: Android SafetyNet. Is it reliable?

Yandex has released its Android TV

How we used Kotlin to create a mobile design application

Android Dev Podcast # 112: News. Subscriptions best practices. Merge Adapter LayoutInspector 3D. Camerax

Google demanded that application developers clearly show the cost and terms of cancellation

Scan QR with CameraX

Realtime Database vs. Firestore: 9 Key Differences

Database inspector

One Tap sign in for Android apps

Create a YouTube player on Kotlin

How to set up biometric authentication in Android

Cancellations in Coroutines

Custom Listener on Android

ProtonMail: Secure Mail

Uber Car Animation Android: Car Animation

Kiwi Browser: Fast Browser for Android


(+53) Yandex will automatically link the card to another account
(+25) Tales of the developers of your favorite games about what they are proud of
(+23) How to Eject Viruses on the Corona SDK
(+19) Rendering optimization for Mobile, part 2. The main families of modern mobile GPUs
(+15) Creating an interface for the game
(+12) Hive – fast local base for Flutter, Dart
(+8) Errors that will ruin a project of any complexity. Redmadrobot Managers Experience
(+4) How to test remotely so as not to ruin the product and your life
Podlodka # 160: Machine Translation

500,000 developers use Flutter every month

IT industry may shrink by 18–20 thousand programmers

Google announces availability of Cloud Healthcare API

How I spent half a year updating the application and lost 10 thousand users

How to make beautiful Low Poly art for the game (Blender, Unity)

If programming languages ​​had honest slogans

Firebase Realtime Database and login to the system for Android and iOS

7 steps to becoming a Mozart of programming until the end of quarantine

Migrating Flutter Applications to the Web

Audio Player for Flutter: Apple Music Player

33 GitHub repositories for mobile developers

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+44) How to stop worrying and start believing A / B tests
(+6) Great A / B Test Guide
(+6) Postman – Auto Metrics in AppMetrica
(+3) 9 ideas for A / B testing videos for mobile games
Superposition Analyst: Paradoxes and Cognitive Distortion. How analytics to maneuver in a data stream.

App Annie named the most popular applications among Russians in the period from January to April 2020

Epic Games Surrenders – Fortnite Releases Google Play

OneSignal Launches Advanced Analytics

FunCorp: March mobile ad revenue drops 50%

Houseparty: video conferencing with games

The frank history of a Russian startup that attracted more than $ 1 million in an application for children

How to promote the application: a complete guide 2020

AI, Devices, IoT

(+57) Fighting traffic jams in a small city for a small budget: results of 6 months of the project
(+18) Artefact: AR in the museum through the eyes of a developer, analyst, art critic
(+13) Databases in the IIoT platform: how Cloud Solutions work with petabytes of data from multiple devices
(+12) Object Detection Recognize and rule. Part 2
(+5) Errors in designing the VR interface, VR for interface designers
(+4) Frequently Asked Questions about VR Helmets and Games
Magic Leap Dismisses Half of Employees and Leaves Consumer Market

Artificial Intelligence Accenture, Sulubaii and Intel Helps Maintain Coral Reef

The fall in the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2020 will be at least 40%

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