The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 330 developer (on January 20 – 26)

The new digest includes localization and hypercubes, libraries and declarative frameworks, applications to overcome application dependency, Flutter, Unity, subscriptions, AI for searching vulnerabilities in code, and much more.

Application localization: how we made friends translation and development

In this article I will tell you how we built the localization process, how we approach quality control, how we will release translations depending on the platform, and most importantly, how we made sure that developers speak well of our translation system.

Hypercube. How we provided developers with test devices and did not lose them

It is impossible to fully test and debug mobile applications without test devices. There should be many such devices, because the same code on different models behaves differently. But how to organize device accounting? How to make developers and testers quickly and without red tape get a specific smartphone in the necessary configuration?

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(+17) Swift property wrappers
(+13) 20 libraries for a spectacular iOS application
(+9) Mess at the start: post-mortem on the launch speed of an iOS application
(+6) Architecture issues in large projects
(+4) Validation of data in iOS applications
(+4) Swift: Containers for storing key values
(+3) Option for working with web sockets in iOS in Swift language
Apple restricts use of HTML5

StrizhPI, or SwiftUI in practice

How to double your Apple Membership subscription (and quickly return it)

The Ten Commandments of iOS Development

Can you answer this simple question about Swift correctly?

Best iOS apps with Interaction-Driven design

Machine learning on the device using SwiftUI and PyTorch Mobile

SwiftUI: Create Tinder-style flip cards

The best way to make sure your Swift code never crashes again

What’s new in Watch OS 6?

Asynchronous programming in Swift with Future and Promise

Display HTML-code with a picture in UILabel and the definition of clicking on it

Swift: Common Task Tips

SwiftUI – Using Xcode 11 Canvas

Speech recognition and speech synthesis on iOS with Swift

Implementing context menus in iOS 13 using SwiftUI or UIKit

VVVVVV for iOS and tvOS


(+14) Incremental annotation proccesing to speed up gradle builds
(+12) Repair, hack, dig. Solving the online quest Droid Mission
(+6) Practical ways to map data in Kotlin
(+4) External component for 1C Mobile platform (BroadcastReceiver)
Google I / O 2020 will be held May 12-14

Microsoft Releases Surface Duo Dual-Screen Smartphone SDK

Google has released new applications to combat smartphone addiction

Android Developer Roadmap 2019: Skill Map and Android Developer Development Model

Welltory removed from Google Play

Jetpack Compose Guide

Trojan Shopper downloads applications and leaves reviews on Google Play

Changing types in Kotlin with typealias

Dynamically change themes using circular animation on Android

KotlinConf 2019: what’s new in Java 19: The end of Kotlin?

JetPack Navigation component in Android

Zero cost of abstraction in Kotlin

How to use tabs in Jetpack Compose?

Best Android Studio Hot Keys

SharedPreferences on Android

Quest Google I / O 2020

KotlinMultiPlatform: cross-platform weather on Kotlin

RateBottomSheet: offer to rate the application


(+32) Simple zombie shooter on Unity
(+27) Physics for a mobile PvP shooter, or how we remade a two-dimensional game into a three-dimensional
(+27) Flutter. Part 3. For React Native Developers
(+23) Engine, scripting language and visual novel – in 45 hours
(+18) Features of implementing dynamic lists in user interfaces
(+16) Level design basics: flow effect or how not to let the player get bored
(+13) Love to hate indie gamedev’a
(+10) Book “Development of mobile applications in C # for iOS and Android”
(+10) How I did 2D shadows in Unity
(+7) My first html5 game, from Alice Yandex and award victories to mobile applications
(+7) Optimization of 3D models for the game scene
(+6) Is mobile development easy and boring? Yandex Report
(+6) Writing shaders with code in Unity LWRP
(+4) Visual logic editor for Unity3d. Part 2
(+2) UI development: whom to listen to – yourself or the user?
Podlodka # 147: Web Framework

Wait, the operation is in progress. How the main fakap in the history of Sberbank Online changed the company

Ministry of Economy proposes to create a Russian analogue of GitHub

Hierarchy Basics in Interface Design

Gamification: what and why it works, part one

What (almost) 2 years Flutter taught me

8 trends of UI design for 2020

21 ways to be a bad developer

7 Ways to Be a Good Developer

How to measure your UX design skills?

Nebula – an open global network stack from Slack

9 tips to quickly improve your app design

5 design principles for the best products

Video Mobiconf 2019

LaunchDarkly: feature management

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+4) Getting Started with User Returns: Tips for the Hooked Model
(+3) 2019 App Annie Report: A Look into the Past, Future Notes
U.S. app subscriptions rose 21% in 2019 to $ 4.6 billion

Niantic Games Brings $ 249 Million Tourist Income

Venmo stickers

FAS has identified a list of applications for pre-installation

In-app advertising: checklist

A book on the localization and culturalization of games

Mobile advertising spending in Russia will grow by 22.2%

Snyk received a new investment and became a unicorn

AppsFlyer received a new investment of $ 210 million.

You drive! AR Story Games – The Main Trend of 2019

Dodo Pizza bought Where’s the Shawarma

Race Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace: one intrigue died, a new one was born

1000 game settings in 2 days with TikTok

Understanding Players Better with Affinity Learning

How to deal with fraudulent spyware on Facebook?

ASO challenges for mobile games in 2020

AI, Devices, IoT

(+39) SVM Explanation from scratch, implementation and detailed analysis
(+28) Stop calling everything AI
GitHub started using AI to recommend tasks

Uber has put together one of the most impressive open source deep learning stacks

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