The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 329 developer (on January 13 – 19)

Let’s get back to work with the new digest – it includes routing and components, integration tests and programming languages, the annual report Ann Appie and improvements to Duolingo.

Have you ordered delivery? How Crossroads delivers 6,000 orders per day

We launched the mobile application and website in 2017. Today, the average load on the system is about 6,000 orders per day. On the one hand, it’s not very much, on the other hand, it’s still worth considering that it is not spread over evenly for 24 hours, people don’t order food around the clock, there is also a garter for standard activity during working hours.

Voice Control and VoiceOver: how to adapt the application for the blind or still

The phone has long been a continuation of me, and I faintly imagine my life without a couple of dozen applications that I use every day. But what about the one who can’t take the phone in his hand or look at the screen?

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(+25) Routing for iOS: universal navigation without rewriting the application
(+21) Complex display collections in iOS: problems and solutions on the example of the VKontakte feed
(+3) Unit testing in Clean Swift architecture
Apple bought AI startup

Can I see the SwiftUI menu, please?

Is there a better architecture for an iOS app?

Gaudí for iOS: themes and dark mode

Swift UI: movie booking app

Tips and tricks for debugging iOS apps

SwiftUI: creating a stretchable header with parallax

UIStackView Hidden Treasures

Getting started with RealityKit: collaborative augmented reality

How to implement VIPER architecture in an iOS application using Swift 5
SOTabBar: beautiful TabBar for iOS


(+17) How to talk about the main components of Android in 15 minutes
(+3) Working with the interface in the Google Maps SDK for Android
(0) Preparing an sdl2 project to run on android
GitHub has released a beta of its Android application

Human rights activists ask Google to allow the removal of preinstalled applications

Android Broadcast # 4: “Under the hood of Coroutines” with Ilmir Usmanov

Migration to ViewPager2

How to prepare an Android application for pentest

11 Golden Rules for Android Development

Modern features for your Android application

Deep immersion at Jetpack Compose

Kotlin Killer Features for Programmers and Software Developers

Android R8 Reduction

Kotlin Multiplatform – MVVM and Clean Architecture

Designing decision trees from scratch on Android

Maximum code sharing between Android and iOS with Kotlin Multiplatform

Android virtual machine: all you need to know

Lifecycle management with View Binding in Fragments

Creating a chat on Kotlin: the clean way

Kotlin Pokedex: Pokemon Encyclopedia on Kotlin

5 Android libraries that will inspire you as a designer


(+43) VVVVVV ??? VVVVVV !!! 🙂 + The publication of the VVVVVV code showed how roughly the games inside are arranged
(+26) Continuous integration in Unity: how to reduce assembly time and save resources + payline as a gift
(+21) Predator Vision: Thermal Vision Effect
(+10) The announcement of the Global Game Jam 2020 in late January
(+7) Create a third-person zombie shooter with DOTS
(+6) Implementing the Status Template in Unity
(+5) Flutter Integration Tests – It’s Easy
(+5) I am a photographer and I will make myself a working tool
(+5) We optimize automation: how we accelerated autotests by 3-4 times, preserving the old developments
make sense # 76: about the main metric for the product, metrics model and analytics insights

Mobile People Talks: A look at iOS, Android and all sorts of cross-platforms through the prism of security

Podlodka # 146: Learning English

Cocos Creates Mini-Game Centers in Applications

Most popular game engines 2019

Development for iOS and Android: ranking of programming languages ​​2020

Free Icons: 15 Libraries

Google bought AppSheet application builder

C became the language of the year according to TIOBE

Because colors are beautiful. Create a universal color palette for IBM

Enter IT and digital with a non-core education and launch your mobile application

Guidelines for adding animations to your product – examples and tools

7 UI Templates for Habit Tracking Application: Case Study

Fall Software Engineer, Climbing Programmer Technician

7 Tips for Designing a Dropdown Menu

Monitoring Flutter Application Health Using GitHub Actions

Creating a mobile application as a side project – a collaboration between a designer and a developer

Custom scroll physics in Flutter

Distribute Firebase applications quickly and easily with CircleCI and Fastlane

Creating a Todo Flutter Application From The Ground Up

Game Off 2019 Winners

Mono: font for developers

Analytics, marketing and monetization

App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020 annual report: Russians spend more than $ 1 billion in apps

Duolingo: 1% improvement every week

Analysts Find Fleeceware Applications for 600 Million Users

A systematic approach to ASO with a CRO cycle

Odnoklassniki mobile gaming revenues doubled

ClassPass has become a unicorn

The most downloaded applications and games of 2019

Why does Skyeng buy advertising for a free product

Who needs App Store optimizers and how to make friends with Apple: an interview with the founder of the SplitMetrics service from Minsk

AI, Devices, IoT

(+28) Using machine learning in static analysis of program source code
(+20) Tensors in TensorFlow
(+9) Smart home on wheels … Alice
(+8) Lytko unites
Amazon AutoGluon creates 3-line ML models

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