The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 327 developer (on December 16 – 22)

In the new digest – an interesting feature of one of the applications for calling a taxi, working with a network and gesture control, physics and ideas, layout code and various testing, the results of a decade and a year from App Annie.

How I found a way to track all the Citimobil drivers

Having fulfilled this request several times with different parameters, I realized that you can unload data about taxi drivers in almost real time. Just imagine how many interesting things you can learn now!

Survey: Salaries of Russian mobile developers 2019

We conduct an annual survey related to the work and salary of Russian developers.

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(+13) iOS Networking when the application is not running
(+4) Find lost files in multiple Xcode targets
• Apple Launches HomeKit Accessory Development Kit
IOSDevCampDC 2019 video
How to draw on canvas in iOS
Metal Animation with CoreAnimation
Opaque types and ‘Some’ in Swift
Advanced Compilation Acceleration Techniques in Xcode
How to make modal View on SwiftUI
Dark Mode with Swift Observation Protocol
Using Xcode Memory Graph to Look for Memory Leaks
Diagnostics: diagnostic data from users
5 iOS libraries to use in your next application
5 iOS libraries for design inspiration


(+14) How did p̶е̶р Tв̶ы̶й̶ the second Android mitap from Tinkoff
(+9) Gesture management: Handling visual overlays. Part 2
(+8) Analysis of the Android quiz from the booth at Mobius 2019 Moscow
(+7) Android Surface
(+3) How to optimize application development
(+1) 16 development tips for android in Kotlin. Part 3 + Part 2
• Facebook will replace Android's own OS
Video KotlinConf 2019
Using Lottie on Android to display dynamic animations
Boost application performance with Android profilers
How Enum Can Affect Android Application Performance
MotionLayout: a new way to create animations in Android
Transfer styles on Android to Kotlin using Fritz AI and CameraX
How to make an agitation animation
Jetpack Compose Playground: examples of working with Jetpack Compose
Press: text editor on Kotlin Multiplatform


(+42) Procedural generation of multi-story 3D dungeons
(+36) Recreating in a new game what we loved for the old
(+24) Physics in a Unity Project Using Mobile Fighting as an Example
(+21) Acquaintance with Appium drivers (or how to choose the necessary one)
(+19) DartUP 2019: results and video reports
(+16) What the idea is worth and how to turn it into a concept: game designer tools
(+12) What is Flutter and why you should study it in 2020
(+10) Continue flying with Xamarin.Forms 4.4
(+9) Can we stop calling UX accessibility and usability?
(+8) approx. tech QATOK: event materials
(+6) All you need to know about the Progressive Web App (PWA)
(+5) Application development in VK mini apps
(+5) Why I refused cross-platform solutions in mobile development
• Podlodka # 142: Load Testing
• Buildbox has become free
• Supernova: ready-made code from layouts
• How to improve a UX store
• How much is outsourcing: Existek research
• Analysis of the application “Ryazan – New Year's Capital of Russia 2020”
• 5 interfaces for product purchase applications
• “Instabug Mobile Beta Test Guide”
• Mobile application for maintenance and monitoring of electrical substations
• As we did, probably the best mobile personal account
Introduction to MVVM in Flutter
Stream Flutter: creating a social network with activity feeds on Flutter
Bad onboarding experience for new developers could kill your startup
How can chatbots change educational mobile apps?
Introduction to Flutter Animation with AnimatedContainer
Flutter Interact 2019 – what's new and what's worth using
Designing the best settings screen for your application
Is Flutter Ready for Enterprise Applications?
Uaymorphism in user interfaces

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+7) How many people see your icon in the App Store during the app “App of the Day”
• Mamba conquered Israel
• Wachanga received an investment from Embria
• launches its own DMP
• YouAppi Launches ReAppi Retargeting Tool
• Actual marketing: creating masks in social networks
• myTracker expanded its analysis of advertising performance and user returns
• The most downloaded, earning and growing applications 2019
• Announced the second part of The Wolf Among Us
• App Annie summed up the decade
• Winners of the App Growth Awards 2019
• Yubo: a social network for teens
• Marketers in mobile. Vladimir Solosin, Yandex.Taxi
• Hidden risks depending on the growth model through the purchase of advertising traffic

AI, Devices, IoT

(+6) Sensitive home replaces smart homes
(+3) IoT is not a toy for children. How hacker attacks on the Internet of things scare not only large corporations, but also ordinary families
• Apple, Google, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance create a unified communications standard for smart home devices
• Mail.Ru Group will release its smart column with “Marusya”
AI Index Report 2019
Reading text in an image with a single line of Python code

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