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In our new issue, development for Aurora, Dubai Mall in a smartphone, UX design trends, HTML5 development tools, income of 1% of top publishers who receive 93% of the money in the entire application market. An interesting digest we got!

How we developed a mobile application on the Aurora OS (Sailfish Mobile OS RUS)

Our team has developed and supports a corporate mobile application for receiving payments within the framework of a payment system for a large customer. Now it is used by customer employees on devices running the Aurora operating system (formerly Sailfish Mobile OS RUS) in thirty-seven Russian regions. In this post I will briefly talk about this project and in more detail about the OS itself.

Dubai Mall in a smartphone, or how to add a floor plan of a building to your application

The initial statement of the problem in a simplified form: I want to be able to visualize the floor plan in your mobile application and be able to show the location of a specific organization on it. I would also like to see the user's location, but here the problem is in the technical plane – you need equipment that will allow you to get the coordinates of the device indoors. So we leave this aspect outside the scope of the article and focus on the software part.

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(+74) How Apple Kills Web Technologies
(+10) Redux are like state containers in SwiftUI. The basics
(+4) Redux are like state containers in SwiftUI. Recommendations
(+3) Swift.assert – life after release
• Apple Expands Everyone Can Code Program
On-Demand Resources in iOS
• Apple will name the best applications and games on December 2
• Apple Developer App Released
• What to do if Apple copies you
• Apple will change the approach to the development of operating systems due to errors in iOS 13
IOS Document Scanner with Vision API
Debugging with the Swift Combine Framework
How to create updatable models in Core ML 3
An easy way to implement demo mode in an iOS application
iOS 13 Compositional Layouts in CollectionView
Swift on the Raspberry Pi
Introducing Dark Mode on iOS
Microservices SwiftUI
Loady: buttons with download indicators
OpenSwiftUI: Open SwiftUI
5 iOS libraries to animate your application


(+21) Quality pipelines in mobile development, part 1: Android
• Google offers $ 1 million for Android vulnerabilities
US Android Developer
• Google and Udacity launched the “Advanced Android at Kotlin” course
• Epic Games application store received a second game
Navigation with dynamic function modules
How to put a progressive web application on the Google Play store
Kotlin / Native on iOS
Dagger Tricks: Refactoring
Understanding how View is rendered in Android
How to make an enterprise mobile app unique on a device using the Android Management API
Kotlin login via Firebase – Twitter, Facebook, Google, GitHub
Google wants Android to use the regular Linux kernel
StoryView: Storiz for Android


(+28) Markov chains for procedural building generation
(+19) Extension in Dart (Flutter)
(+19) Boring matchmaking without imbalance and queues: a practical guide
(+12) What UX-design trends to follow in 2020
(+11) How Flutter Works
(+11) Societe Generale Design System: Harmony in Design and Development
(+8) Testing the idea of ​​a future application Pretype. Or how to save a lot of money
• Why you should be afraid of ghost buttons
• All the tools we used to create the popular Curious Expedition HTML5 game
• Sound effects, voices and music in the Humble Bundle
• Firebase Authentication earned Sign in with Apple
• How to make money on the application during the holidays?
• Miro platform launched an application contest
• In Russia, they will create an application for assessing the state of the engine by sound
• Microsoft closes Cortana applications
MobileOptimized Video 2019
• Survey: Design and prototyping application tools
• Mobile App Design Guide for iOS and Android. Key platform differences
• How to use scripts in the development of mobile applications
• Organization of space in design. Indentation, grids and layouts
Simple 3D engine in Flutter
How to improve your work as a junior developer
The best review in Code Review of all that I have received
Your next application may not have a server part.
Common mistakes that programmers make. Even the good ones.
Best templates and themes for mobile apps 2019
Make annotations, they will make your developers happy
20 shortcuts VS Code for fast programming
UX Best Practices: Registration
Using the Device_Calendar library in Flutter to communicate with the calendar on Android / iOS
Adoption of a cross-platform strategy for mobile applications
8 reasons to abandon hybrid application development
Merjim work 1000+ developers
11 basic meta-knowledge concepts needed to speed up programming
OpenDiablo2: Diablo 2 open engine

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+36) Localization of the application in 10 steps
(+10) How I started to be able to marketing
(+2) Case from Narcade: Turkish developers talk about localization of mobile games and the Turkish gaming market
• Russia will become the third largest market for video games in Europe
• Top 1% of publishers receive 80% of installations and 93% of the revenue of the entire application market
• Thein Lyman (Wargaming): games with which there is an emotional connection
• myTarget launches a marketplace for advertising applications
• Ocean Engine covers a third of the global mobile audience
• Clumio receives $ 186 million in cloud backup
• SmartNews: the best way to read news
• Shopping apps set a record for downloads
• WeWork launches startup development program in Russia
• The revenue of paid games on the App Store is constantly declining
• Yandex.Money released a game in the format of a chat quest
• Wire: the most secure messenger

AI, Devices, IoT

(+11) Stages of introducing machine learning models in large enterprises
(+10) Samsung's New Free Online Text Analysis with Neural Networks
(+7) 10 life hacks developing recommendation systems
(+5) Development of an IoT gateway based on Raspberry CM3 +

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