The curse of obscurantism over domestic genetics

Well, scientists atheists will tell you that in fact it is radiation, this is pollution, these are all mutagenic effects and so on. But nevertheless, here is my personal conviction that such destruction is nevertheless initiated by original sin, it is aggravated by tribal and personal sin too

Further – worse. “Children up to the seventh generation are responsible for the sins of their fathers”these are genes damaged by sins that can only be restored “God’s miracle”. “Intuitive aversion to GMOs”, Orthodox civilization. As they say: “Further – everywhere”

He ended up with complete bullshit.

The world will not allow Russia to live in peace and will not allow it to develop according to its own scenario. Our resources and, first of all, our resources of clean water and energy are too attractive for the outside world, be it Europe or China. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we will have to defend ourselves and defend ourselves – by military means. In fact, we have already begun to do this.

A curtain…

You can laugh at this, you can just be perplexed, but think about it – WHO drove away all this anti-scientific tin. This is not just another priest who went crazy on the basis of religion and politics, not a hype journalist, not an illiterate cryptozoologist who is trying to breed a hornless breed of cows – sawing off their horns and not a talking head from the TV.

This Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In fact, leading Russian geneticist – denies genetics.

Poor Nikolai Ivanovich, he must be turning over in his grave when he sees the ghost of Trofim Lysenko…

It’s hard to say how this will end. But Kudryavtsev is not a figure who can simply be fired and a new one appointed in his place. Oh, not in vain, oh not in vain – they dispersed the Commission on countering pseudoscience and falsification of research …

In order not to end on a very bleak note, I will quote a slightly abbreviated quote from the excellent book “Look into the Eyes of the Monsters” remarkable Russian science fiction writers: Andrey Lazarchuk and Mikhail Uspensky.

The feat of Academician Lysenko

The fate of this man was tragic. The only one of all, he had to sacrifice not only loved ones, creativity, in the end, life – this I could still accept – but also a good name.

The young agronomist, who theoretically revealed the essence of hereditary plasma, was horrified by the immediate prospects for the development of young Soviet, terribly talented and absolutely unprincipled genetics. He knew and understood how easy it would be to soon create any hybrids from the most innocent – like potatoes and tomatoes – to the most ferocious: influenza and smallpox: Moreover, the probability of creating the latter is a hundred times more likely than the first – because the country was permanently preparing for war

Trofim Denisovich had to invent Michurin’s agrobiology. It is as difficult to create a non-existent science as it is to create a non-existent country. But the Poltava boy succeeded

It was no longer possible to save Vavilov himself; the rest had to be saved

As predictors of the Union of Nine calculated, the absolute bacteriological weapon should have been created in the USSR somewhere between the thirty-sixth and thirty-ninth years: Trofim Denisovich was to go into oblivion with the titles of a charlatan, obscurantist and obscurantist

Maybe it was the Union of Nine who wrote a speech to the Director of the Institute of Genetics? ..

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