The best audio systems from popular movies (part 2)

Especially for those who love good cinema and high-quality sound, we have prepared a selection of films in which you can see first-class Hi-Fi and High End equipment. The most interesting models of turntables, speakers and amplifiers will not hide from our gaze. So let’s go!

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service / Kingsman: The Secret Service [2015]

The main character of the film, Eggsy, is a young guy with a very high level of intelligence, who decided to choose the path of a criminal for himself. Once Eggsy meets his father’s longtime friend, Harry Hart, who invites the young man to become an agent of the secret service that protects the interests of the whole society. A star cast (Taron Edgerton, Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine), as well as a dynamic plot, cheerful humor, spectacular special effects – all this allowed the film to collect a good box office and win the sympathy of the audience. And the most attentive moviegoers and audiophiles must have noticed B&W speakers with yellow branded speakers in Harry Hart’s study. It is curious that in the second part of the film, “Kingsman: The Golden Ring,” newer speaker models of the same company are already in Hart’s office.

2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [2001]

Despite the fact that the film was not well received by film critics, it earned great popularity among viewers – largely thanks to the charismatic main character played by the young and beautiful Angelina Jolie. In one of the scenes of the film, we see a futuristic Clearaudio Master Reference turntable playing a piano concerto in F minor by Bach.

3.9 1/2 weeks / Nine 1/2 Weeks [1985]

In one of the most famous melodramas of the 80s, Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger managed to convincingly convey the subtle romantic atmosphere and the spiraling spiral of uneasy relationship between the characters – investor John Gray and art gallery employee Elizabeth McGraw. Attentive viewers will notice the Nakamichi cassette deck with a cunning auto-reverse mechanism in the film, as well as equipment from the legendary McIntosh brand.

4. Une Heure De Tranquilite / Not a moment of rest [2014]

The unpretentious plot of this comedy film is connected not only with the theme of lack of time, but also with the music: the main character, a music lover named Michel Leproux, finds a rare record at a flea market and hurries home to listen to the recording. But the hero’s life suddenly seems to be turned upside down: he does not have a single free minute left to calmly listen to music. The protagonist’s impatience is understandable; in the frame we see audio components from Naim, Focal, as well as a stylish Pro-Ject turntable.

6. Three x / xXx [2002]

The film “Three X’s” collected an impressive box office at one time and confidently secured the status of a superstar for Vin Diesel: his character Xander Cage not only spectacularly plays with muscles and drives cool cars, but also deals with more responsible matters: on instructions from the government, he creeps into the circles of the mafia, to fulfill an important mission on which the security of the whole world depends. In one scene in the film, we spotted a rare pair of TAG McLaren speakers.

6. Double castling / Mou gaan dou [2002]

The castling double script largely predetermined the appearance of the film The Departed, directed by Martin Scorsese, which we mentioned in our previous selection of 15 Best Sound Systems in Popular Films. According to the plot, the characters of “Castling Double” are in a difficult situation: one of them is an undercover police officer who has been introduced into the ranks of the mafia, the other is a mafia agent working in the police. In the initial scene with the audio salon, we see a whole scattering of Hi-Fi equipment: Sonus Faber, Tannoy, Elac, Thiel, B&W, ProAc speakers, as well as several models of tube amplifiers.

7. Get knives / Knives Out [2019]

Screenwriter and director Ryan Johnson’s latest film investigates the mysterious murder of popular crime novelist Harlan Trombie. A talented private detective played by Daniel Craig is trying to unravel the whole tangle of lies and omissions that arose in connection with the mysterious death of the writer. The film received many positive reviews from film critics, and Ryan Johnson received an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. In one scene, we see a close-up of a McIntosh CD player playing Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La Traviata.

8. Best offer / La migliore offerta [2012]

The Italian thriller directed by Giuseppe Tornatore tells the story of the director of the auction house Virgil Oldman, who finds details of a long-lost mysterious mechanism among his client’s antiques. Trying to piece together an intricate puzzle, the hero of the film discovers new and unexpected details of this case. In one scene, we see Burmester High-End speakers that complement the luxurious interior of the room.

9. Point Break [2015]

The film largely repeats the plot of the original 1990 tape with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in the lead roles: a young FBI agent Johnny Utah, played by Luke Bracey, works undercover, infiltrating a gang of criminals who are fond of extreme sports. Risking his life, Johnny is trying to find evidence of the gang’s involvement in several seemingly unrelated crimes. Attentive viewers will surely notice the luxurious KEF Blade and KEF Muon speakers in the film.

10. Areas of Darkness / Limitless [2011]

Bradley Cooper’s character, a writer from New York named Eddie, is going through hard times. To overcome the crisis, he decides to take a classified drug NZT, which brings the brain to maximum power. This dramatically changes the whole life of the protagonist, but at the same time another problem appears: the drug causes strong side effects … In the film, recognizable equipment from the top brand Meridian appeared.

11. The Italian Job [2003]

Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham … the star cast as a team of talented robbers goes on a risky business: an elegant and lightning-fast theft of gold bars, which can turn into a chain of unforeseen events. The most attentive viewers will surely notice equipment from NAD and Martin Logan in the film.

12. The Snowman [2017]

Despite the fact that this film with Michael Fassbender in the title role received, to put it mildly, unflattering reviews from film critics, it can please with chilling snowy landscapes, as well as some top Hi-Fi equipment. Taking a closer look, in one of the episodes we see the McIntosh amplifier, with the legendary “arrows” and the trademark blue backlighting.

13. House, MD [2004-2012]

This incredibly popular series stretched over eight seasons and became a classic of the genre, and Hugh Laurie, who plays the main role, confidently cemented his status as a world-class star. Movie buffs and audio enthusiasts alike will have noticed the Sota Comet Series III turntable and stylish Infinity Cascade speakers, on which House listens to music in his study.

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