The 20 Most Popular Computer Vision Blogs and News Sites in 2020

Hello. On the eve of the start of the course “Computer vision” have prepared a useful translation for you.

1. Learn OpenCV – Satya Mallik

San Diego, California

About the blog: This blog is intended for programmers, engineers, hackers, scientists, students, and enthusiasts who are interested in computer vision and machine learning. Here you can master computer vision, machine learning, and image processing with tutorials on OpenCV, CUDA, Caffe and examples written in C and Python.

Post frequency: 2 posts per week


Followers on Twitter – 10.7 thousand ⋅ Engagement in social networks – 51 ⋅ Authority of the site – 48 ⋅ Alexa rating – 81.7 thousand

2. Piekniewski’s Blog

San Diego, California

About the blog: Philip Pikniewski is a computer vision and artificial intelligence research scientist. The main goal of his research work is to bring dynamics to machine learning, which is now completely dominated by statistics.

Post frequency: 1 post per quarter


Twitter followers – 3.5K ⋅ Social media engagement – 64 ⋅ Site authority – 45 ⋅ Alexa rank – 1.5 million

3. Zbigatron – Zbigniew Zdziarski

Sydney, New South Wales

About the blog: Zbigatron is a blog about interesting things happening in the world of computer vision.

Post frequency: 2 posts per quarter


Twitter followers – 138 ⋅ Site authority – 21

4. OpenCV library

About the blog: The OpenCV Foundation is a non-profit foundation that aims to advance computer vision through software (mainly through the OpenCV library) and other non-software methods such as organizing events.


Facebook subscribers – 5.2 thousand ⋅ Twitter followers – 10.2 thousand ⋅ Social media engagement – 314 ⋅ Site authority – 68 ⋅ Alexa rating – 17.5 thousand

5. Computer Vision: doing stuff with pixels | Reddit (Computer Vision: Doing Something With Pixels)

San Francisco, California

About the blog: Subreddit about computer vision.

Post frequency: 6 posts per day


Facebook followers – 1.3 million ⋅ Twitter followers – 674.7 thousand ⋅ Instagram followers 462.1 thousand ⋅ Social media engagement – 1 ⋅ Site authority – 91 ⋅ Alexa rating – 17


Bangalore, India

About the blog: CV-Tricks focuses on various computer vision tricks and tricks. In this blog, you will find practical tips, tricks and techniques used to create world-class computer vision solutions.

Post frequency: 1 post month


Twitter followers – 552 ⋅ Social media engagement – 43 ⋅ Website authority – 41 ⋅ Alexa rating – 552.4 thousand

7. LDV Capital Blog

New York, NY

About the blog: LDV Capital is a young venture capital fund investing in people starting a visual technology business that uses computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze visual data.

Post frequency: 1 post per week

Facebook subscribers – 268 ⋅ Twitter followers – 4 thousand ⋅ Social media engagement – 17 сайта Site authority – 45 ⋅ Alexa rating – 1.5 million

8. Machine Vision Blog

Thame, UK

About the blog: Stay up to date with the latest industry news, machine vision product releases and system improvements. ClearView Imaging is a leading provider of machine vision components, solutions, systems and services. It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer developing a vision system from scratch or an end user looking for a complete system.

Post frequency: 1 post per quarter


Facebook followers – 16 ⋅ Twitter followers – 136 ⋅ Website authority – 25 ⋅ Alexa rank 8.6 million

9. UCF CRCV | Youtube

About the blog: The overall goal and mission of the center is to actively promote fundamental research in computer vision and its applications in all related areas, including national defense and intelligence, national security, environmental monitoring, natural sciences, biotechnology and robotics.

Post frequency: 5 videos a week

Facebook Followers – 646 ⋅ Twitter Followers – 80 ⋅ Site Authority – 100 ⋅ Alexa Rank – 2

10. The Xiris Blog

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

About the blog: Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in the development of optical metrology equipment (from cameras to smart computers) used for process and quality control in a number of specialized industries.

Post frequency: 2 posts per month


Facebook followers – 58 ⋅ Twitter followers – 303 ⋅ Instagram followers – 465 ⋅ Social media engagement – 1 ⋅ Website authority – 25

11.the Serious Computer Vision Blog (serious blog about computer vision)


About the blog: A blog about computer vision and serious things. This blog is an experiment to see what happens when some not-so-serious tropical islanders try to write a serious computer vision blog.

Post frequency: 1 post per week

Blog: computervisionblog.wordpress

Twitter followers – 163 ⋅ Social media engagement – 4 ⋅ Website authority – 28

12. Eastern European Conference on Computer Vision (EECVC – Eastern European Conference on Computer Vision)

About the blog: The Eastern European Conference on Computer Vision is a unique opportunity for computer vision researchers and developers to meet, share their knowledge, learn about new trends and find like-minded people.

Post frequency: 1 post per month


Facebook followers – 265 ⋅ Social media engagement – 87 ⋅ Site authority – 24

13. Embedded Vision Alliance

Walnut Creek, California

About the blog: The main goal of the Embedded Vision Alliance is to inspire and empower hardware and software creators to harness computer vision technologies.

Post frequency: 17 posts per year


Facebook subscribers – 2.1 thousand леч Engagement in social networks – 4 ⋅ Website authority – 49

14. Dov Katz: Computer Vision (Dov Katz: Computer vision)

About the blog: Dov Katz’s blog about computer vision, machine learning and human perception.


Followers on Twitter – 11 ⋅ Authority of the site – 3

15. RSIP Vision

About the blog: RSIP Vision, operated by Ron Sopherman, is a recognized leader in computer vision and image processing. Here is a section with RSIP Vision articles on projects and work in the field of computer vision and image processing.

Post frequency: 10 posts per year


Followers on Twitter – 1.5 thousand ⋅ Engagement in social networks – 13 ⋅ Authority of the site – 42. Alexa rating – 1.3 million

16. Blog Kairos | The latest human analytics news

Miami florida

About the blog: Kairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in facial recognition. With computer vision and machine learning, Kairos can recognize faces in videos, photos, and the real world, making it easy to transform the way your business interacts with people.


Twitter followers – 4.6 thousand ⋅ Site authority – 55 ⋅ Alexa rating – 219.3 thousand


San francisco, california

About the blog: iMerit enriches and labels data, which can be very useful for your algorithms in machine learning, computer vision, content and analytics.

Post frequency: 2 posts per month


Facebook subscribers – 1.6 thousand Twitter Twitter followers – 955 ⋅ Site authority – 37 ⋅ Alexa rating – 273.7 thousand

18. Computer Vision News

About the blog: Here you will find all events and academic vacancies within the field of computer vision, image analysis and medical image analysis, collected from various mailing lists and channels.

Blog: computervisionnews.wordpress

Twitter followers – 6.2 thousand ⋅ Site authority – 16

19. Blog Playment

About the blog: Playment is a fully managed data labeling platform that generates training data for large scale computer vision models. They provide companies in autonomous vehicles, drones, mapping and similar fields with highly accurate annotation services – no matter how complex.

Post frequency: 2 posts per year

Also featured in: Artificial Intelligence Blogs


Facebook subscribers – 1.6 thousand ⋅ Twitter followers – 896 ⋅ Site authority – 35 ⋅ Alexa rating – 144.1 thousand

20. Cortexica

London / San Francisco

About the blog: Cortexica, based in London, is a global B2B AI solutions provider for Digital Transformation. Bringing clarity and understanding to the buzz around AI, Cortexica works with the world’s leading brands in computer vision, machine learning and video analytics software to provide a range of industry-specific professional services.

Post frequency: 5 posts per year


Facebook subscribers – 1.1 thousand ⋅ Subscribers – 3.7 thousand ⋅ Site authority – 43

21. Alex Kendall Blog (Alex Kendall’s Blog)

About the blog: Alex Kendall is a Computer Vision and Robotics Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. His research has been used to drive self-driving cars, power smart city infrastructure, and power next-generation drones.


Twitter followers – 3.9 thousand ⋅ Social media engagement – 93 ⋅ Website authority – 33 ⋅ Alexa rating – 4.3 million

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